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  If Steve jobs was born 30 years later there would be no Apple!(or at least not as well known) because Steve is the person that bought Apple back from the verge of bankruptcy. So therefore your argument is invalid. 
You know what bogles my mind? the fact that "Christians" are taught to love yet they tell gays they are doing a sin WTF?
Is dark siders two fun?
Sorry for replying  late but thank you!
Ignore me I thought you were supporting the politician.........until I read the thread again.
Right, first of all which OS are you on? lion or mountain lion? or hell even snow leopard!? if L or ML then at boot-up does it show a Recovery partition? if so click that and go into Disk Utility-Partition tab-and create a new one then after creating it go back to the list of options and choose reinstall, from there I think its pretty self explanatory.   If you you could specify what mac and what OS it was it would help! 
It's my own iPhone and I'm not going to sell the icons, I will just extract the icons then reverse the colour on some of them or tweak others slightly for a high school project.EDIT: I forgot to mention this was the program that I meant, I have used that many times before for moving other files.
So what level are you?, Mage or Warrior?, if Mage whats your favourite school of magic?,if Warrior one handed weapons or two handed weapons?, what race?    Please reply with as much info as possible! all welcome to discuss strategy's and tips to help others!
Thats what I am saying why has gay become a derogatory term?
Rather unfortunate. I'm 14 and play MDW3 on my PS3.
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