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And that's a good thing! They have zero tolerance for multiple accounts at least you can make a new account and have the old one deactivated here. They are way to strict.
Oh I've left that place the people here are much nicer and there less trolls more like a community then Mac Rumours, I got permanently banned for making a joke about having another account? And anyway why can't we have another account in the first place?
I don't have photoshop but using iPhone explorer could I extract the icon images? Because I have an iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 and since the phone is more important to me can u just jailbreak the iPod and take the icon images from there?
I am sorry I do not know what a luma mask is, I am far better with hardware then software.
I am pretty sure I can use iPhone explorer without jailbreaking?
Yeah I play, what are you stuck on?
Why differentiate people with a label based on there sexual orientation? Are they not also human? Why is there even discrimination against these people?   Discuss.
Now I don't get into politics much, especially U.S politics( because I am 14 and live in N.Z) and I don't judge a political party by some "bad apples" but this outright ridiculous that rommney guy beat up gays because he didn't like them(even though "gays and "lesbians" are human).   Now this? Seriously a woman has ways of aborting a child because it was rape? the only instances that the female body rejects an embryo is because it senses real serious defects in the...
Hi, I would like someone to make the Phone, Messages, Camera, (iOS 6 style) Settings, Calender, Clock, Videos, Notes, Newstand,App Store,Reminders, Safari, Mail, Music, Maps, Weather, Photos and the iTunes icons in 48*48 pixels and upload it into this thread?       This will be extremely appreciated and sorry for the hassle!
So if there was a diagonal 4" screen on the iPhone then (in centi-meters) What would be the height and the width of the phone?
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