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Thank you guys you've helped!
Hi doing a project on the Cell phone evolution and need to know whether or not the iPhone had the most responsive touch screen when it came out?
You really are heartless aren't you? you try entertaining and helping your brother in education when he has Cerebal palsy and epilepsy, I think this is a good idea.   I think there needs to be a really good app for counting none that I have seen in the app store are good enough!!! 
Thank you you helped me and I will be talking to friends and will stop that dreadful medicine.
I appreciate this I really do, it's just indescribable to put it into words on how badly this affecting me. the only thing stopping me from ending this is by my friends telling me to stop thinking negatively whether or not this is good advice I don't know.
Hi I have ADD and dyspraxia and I get marks lower then my "potential" as some teachers say, the only thing that I can do well is fix and build computers,I even read young adult novels I enjoy reading but I also take a medicine to enhance my concentration it works and I have been getting better marks then normal but this medicine is killing me, I can't go to sleep so then when I get up in the morning I feel sick and woozy. It also gets rid of my appetite so I don't eat...
Yes, I have also noted increased performance in apps, especially safari. "safari feels snappier;)" 
My thoughts exactly!
Hey thanks for responding,to the poster directly above me did you do a clean install or upgrade? Because if it was upgraded mybe some old app files in library and application support are causing incomparability?
I feel it is much better and much faster then lion ever was, I did a fresh install of lion last year on my early 2011 MacBook Pro (that came with snow leopard) And it was ridiculously slow, but this year I did a clean install and it just screams! What are your experiences with mountain lion? 
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