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Well then you clearly have rules that make sense,i mean I made him an account for gods sake!jav did say you were an awesome person unfairly banned,now I know what he means:(
Well my dad made a macrumors account on my laptop because it was on and I was showing him then the mods must have thought that I reregistered and then banned me,also unfourtunatly I can't PM the trustworthy mods because I don't have access I have sent a letter if you will ,saying why me and my father should be unbanned but it has been a day and I sti have not gotten a response!
I really love Mac Rumors,so does anyone know a legitimate way to get unbanned ?
That looks pretty awesome!!!
I know I was a very loyal poster then the next minute I'm out cause one of the WW games players doesn't like me!
Lol I will help you!
And here I thought I would be welcomed:(
I got banned from mac rumours just because I joked about having another mac rumours account and I think someone called -aggie- reported me for that what the hell just a straight Insta- ban without warning!anyway if I don't get unbanned within a week Im done with it!
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