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What's amazing is that I'm seeing smashed Android phones like iPhones, with the poor person still trying to use the phone (and succeeding, barely). Not being sarcastic here, I definitely appreciate Gorilla Glass on my iDevices and HTC One X, I wonder with GG3 whether they can make it really shatter-proof. Dropping your phone onto concrete 5 times from 5 feet up would be the "Holy Grail of Glass".
Wow. Yet again my posts are being deleted.
Yup, jailbreaking iOS as far as I know is not illegal. But jailbreaking iOS and rooting Android is ~illegal~ in the USA for tablets. That's my current understanding based on that Wikipedia link I provided.
Energy is one thing, that is my own to decide how to spend. Suffice to say I'm spending much less of it on AppleInsider.As for "extravagant, endless" Android apologia? I don't think my Android posts hold a candle to the hardcore apologists (if you want to use that term) and moral judgementalists on this forum.
Indeed, I've just been pointing out trends without making moral judgements, and this seems to upset people a lot. The one thing I say about Apple though is that this is post-Steve-Jobs, and such current trends are something to note in the post-Steve-Jobs Apple. Because Steve kept re-inventing, and his answer to declining market share was simply, create a whole new product category... Again and again. Can Tim Cook's Apple create not just one, but several, entirely new...
Excellent PR spin. May I suggest, "The margin of error is 5% so that means actually ~no~ Android tablets were used for web browsing".
Wow. You guys are reading way too much into something as simple as a phone. Surely Android is not the cause of downfall of human civilisation? Jeez.. "inimate with forms of plastic" ... "office woman stories" ~ I'd hate to read into that stuff like you've read into my use of a smartphone and tablet.If only we could put this energy to better use.
Nope, still legal, even in the United States Of Freedom (apparently not for tablets though)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_rooting#LegalityAs far as I can tell in Australia there is no law against what I've done with my Android devices.
“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”
Curious, what are those illegal acts? I would like to compare them to what I've done.
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