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Yup, cheaper and crappier. Certainly the way to go for Apple... (/sarcastic) Sadly Tim Cook might do this. Look at the iPad mini.
Told y'all so.
That certainly is a contradiction. Unless we hire ex-spec-ops mercs to do school protection. That'll be fun. They can also teach the school children how to kill someone with only a string of dental floss. Life skills FTW!(s)It will be nice to turn our classrooms into something resembling a warclan in Africa, with child soldiers to boot.(/s)
Indeed, perhaps we should trial giving every security guard in every school a gun (heck, MP5s), across the USA. Let's see what happens then. Will the psychos then come at the schools with bazookas and AK-47s? Probably. (This is an anti-gun rant, to clarify)More seriously though, can the pro-gun folks tell us how these psychos are getting such things such as bulletproof vests, semi-auto and auto handguns, submachine guns, unlimited ammo that will make COD gamers blush,...
That's the problem that really burns me up. Everytime something like this happens, it's all victims, victims, oh... think of the victims.SOLVE THE PROBLEM.Otherwise it's just a matter of time until the next "vigil" and "mourning".My hearts go out to the families of the dead and all those traumatised.BUT SORT THIS SHIT OUT, USA.Either give everybody a gun and sort it out Wild West style (ludicrous, but if people really want that...) or take away ALL the guns except for the...
God Bless this bloody country. Seriously, Australia is a decent place to live. There's definitely less guns in society because they clamped down on it especially after our Port Arthur massacre.Also here we don't see the need to have guns on the street. There are shooting ranges and if licensed you ~can~ carry a concealed weapon in my state (Western Australia). I've been to the range and shot off some rounds, but I don't think I would ever need to personally ~own~ a...
LOL.Sweet dude. Hope you get your Nexus 4, seems like Google didn't do a smooth launch at all.
Wow. Looks like either my posts are going missing or someone's deleting them because they don't like my comments. Ah well...
Wow, my post disappeared again showing US numbers. I'm done, catch you guys next week.
Fully unleash Android for a superior Android 4.x experience.
New Posts  All Forums: