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It's happening.
Not my gadget of the year, unfortunately.
Judas. A traitor by any other name would smell... just as bad. That said, in phones, Android ~is~ winning, in terms of numbers and momentum. Still, for such a guy to knife Steve Jobs in the back like he did and still strut around, well, karma's a bitch. What goes around...
Hi,CHECK YOUR WARRANTY conditions first, in this case GET A REPLACEMENT PHONE if you haven't rooted, etc. so there is no question that there is a problem with the phone AS IS.Unlock bootloader, rooting, install stock ROM etc. is a secondary option.You can unlock bootloader, then install stock ROM 4.x which is suitable and see if it will recognise the service provider signal.Good luck...!
My post disappeared? Anyway, again, briefly: GLOBALLY ANDROID 68.8%, iPHONE 18.8% http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/mobiles/android-extends-global-smartphone-lead-20121205-2au9n.html Please stop these fantasies of iPhone still holding on. Profit-wise and elegance and ease-of-use, of course no doubt about the iPhone's qualities. But if you're talking numbers, a survey of 800 potential shoppers is... weak sauce.
I predicted that Apple would release the Siri "API" and this would cause a whole new voice-app goldrush, including universal speech/dialog translation.I am shocked it hasn't happened yet.
Once you have the steps together Rooting and Flashing Sony Xperia S on Android 4.0.4 is quite straightforward. Most interesting, this all works on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. DISCLAIMER: THIS CAN OR WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY, I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG. BACKUP ALL DATA THAT IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE YOU CAN OR WILL LOSE IT. You DO NOT need to unlock the bootloader. You DO NOT need a prerooted image. You CAN ROOT if you want. You CAN FLASH a stock Rom if...
Nexus 7 and 10 have no issues with getting 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 ~ while some grumblings occur in forums, my Nexus 7 has been almost as flawless as an iPad.Plus rooting Nexus 7 is easy and one unleashes the full power of Android.Android 4.0 = Watch out 2013.
Yeah right Larry... You know what hurts even more? That knife you stuck in Steve Jobs' back as you turned it slowly... Judas, ever so free to walk and talk as though he didn't do anything at all. As much as I like Android now I still despise the Google top executives... Page, Schmidt... Disgusting. When I get my big break I hope to not be like them. I plan to not be like them. I pray to be ~better~ than them somehow.
I am pleased to announce that as of Dec 12, 2012 this thread is showing up on the first page of Google searches for "Root Android Mac" and the second page for "Root Nexus Mac". For Full Root and Flash Sony Xperia S on Android 4.0.4 using Mac OS X 10.8 please see this thread: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/154955/full-root-and-flash-sony-xperia-s-android-4-0-4-on-mac-os-x
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