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1. So if Apple doesn't do it then it shouldn't be done? You do know the one-handed stuff is a farce with the iPad mini, right? Try using a Nexus 7 one-handed and an iPad mini one-handed. Without Steve Jobs Apple certainly has been trying to be a little too smart. The iPhone 5 is nice but by extending it one's fingers cannot reach the top nav bar for back, forward etc when holding it in one hand. The risk here is the Apple team now taking a few shortcuts or perhaps not...
Nexus 7 is the right shape. The mini is the wrong shape. The Nexus 7 has a good glass, nice bevel, and nice "grippy" back. Uses a good, sophisticated OS with Android 4.2, not something from 2010. Looks and feels good. iPad mini feels second-class because the screen is not as good, it's just an iPad "compressed" into 7", 4:3 ratio is a bit weird for watching video, and only a paltry 1024x768 resolution. Gaming-wise Nexus 7 has Tegra 3 which is quite impressive. The iPad...
I'm not against sentience, I'm for not destroying this sentience we have come to enjoy.
Fair enough, thanks for the clarification. I was not being jostling, by the way.
Actually, not really. Nexus 7 has quite a lot of potential. It will see how the iPad mini goes up against Android tablets in 2013. It might be 50-50 by the end of next year.
I've seen a lot of online porn that happens on boats so yes, I am an expert in naval "affairs".
But, not because we need to. Like evolving to spread across the Earth like a cancer because we figured out how to wear clothes and burn oil.
No, with you around I'm infused with holiday joy...
Indeed, but do you have a better suggestion? Curious.
You don't have 3G in subways in New York? And... Yes, it comes to mind, BTW, "Flatbush city limits.... la la la..."
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