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That's what's so awesome. He can troll himself.
Man, that is one fugly piece of... fugly. No way Steve would have approved of this design. It's absolutely hideous, in my view.I certainly hope it gave Steve Jobs much joy but I highly doubt this design we see is anything like what Steve intended.
Another SIM standard? Hmm...
Strange, Samsung/ HTC/ LG/ Google Nexus all already have high-quality curved glass smartphones which are large, vivid and nice to use.
Apparently there are two versions of the app. For those who are of more "ethnic" persuasion, it lets you see how many people have reported ~you~ for suspicious activity. Kind of like Facebook likes but opposite.
This is very good, actually. I honestly hope we see lots of US employment, and not being a dick here, I hope there won't be anyone threatening to jump off roofs.
Such a pity Apple is now behind the curve, the HTC One X, DNA/Butterfly, Samsung S3, Note 2... all have extremely impressive screens that now outshine even the iPhone 5 in many ways. And the iPad mini, not quite as nice as the Nexus 7. Quite tragic, really.
In other news, Tim Cook doesn't give a rat's ass.
Bloated product lines, advertised products that take forever to show up with mass confusion, like iPad mini LTE, iMac 21", iMac 27", iPod touch... *sigh*.Dude, don't let the shortsightedness of a few upset you. "None are so blind..."
Ha Ha yeah looks like there was some side-stepping of a *ahem* ugly issue some people would like to ~not~ face. That's why this Christmas I donated my Xperia S to toys-for-tots/what nots and got myself a HTC One X. Absolutely lovin' it. Nothing smells better than white plastic you paid for with your own sweat and tears.
New Posts  All Forums: