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Welcome to the Asian Century. Seriously, that's what all the Australian politicians are calling "our economic future".
LOL... Android users do know how to do this thing called... Turning the switch to "ON" when they want to connect. They aren't Apple users, you know... Very good idea. But doesn't work for me on my Mac, I can't add a Google Play Account. I really like Android Central Forums and XDA Forums apps which are based on Tapatalk, it makes foruming an order of magnitude easier compared to overblown, totally bloated websites like *cough* certain ones we know...
Do you all think "Green Turncoat" is suitable for me given my newly found love affair with Android, shunning all things post-Steve-Jobs-Apple?
To quote a line from Almost Naked Animals... "Dog boring. Piggy bored... Everybody BORED!!!"
I honestly have nothing snarky to say. Apple is a highly coveted brand still, and they will never in the next 3 years fulfill the demand for iOS devices there, particularly the "latest" gadgets, since nothing says "f* off I am a successfull person" like the latest Apple and Samsung dangled in front of your hapless subjugates of whatever ethnicity. Education? Pedigree? Common-sense? Bank account balance? Pfft. Flashing an iPad mini, iPhone, Samsung S3 is all that matters...
Hope they have a tips section for tourist noobs like myself... like a deer in the headlights when i suddenly found myself going the wrong way with a horde of people coming in my direction. A stern but helpful gentleman put two arms on my shoulders and "shifted" me out of their way. Ah, New York, New York.I can die happy knowing I genuinely pissed off a New Yorker.London vs NYC... Fight, fight, fight!
Agreed, though it is a pity the iPhone 5, to me, wasn't more innovative (besides the very good physical design) and that the iPad mini, to me, wasn't Retina.
Also, a good common-sense "old skool" proper explanation without all the hype and marketing and "layperson explanation (just pushing another "cloud" product). Edit: Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYzJl0Zrc4M
Well you do know there is mainly one and only winner in all this, right? Google... Not Moto, not HTC, not Samsung even...
Yes, like my aunt said, it's good to have goals in life.
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