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Told you all so in my previous posts. I installed it a few days ago just to do my eTax (Australia), then promptly nuked it. Total piece of nonsense. It's Windows XP with some half-baked square-interface-thing on top of it. Lipstick on a pig. I call again for Bill Gates to remove himself from anything technology-related and focus only on charitable work. Also, I propose the Xbox division be spun off to operate by itself and close everything else within 10 years.
Finally people are starting to get it.
I might wait till my 2am off peak to begin downloading.
OK good now I'm understanding you. I will have to look at your points and get back to you when I have time or in future threads/posts.
LOL. I know it's DOS. That was the joke. Man, the good ol' days of Himem.Sys. BTW Windows 8 is garbage, tried it out, did my tax return thingy, then nuked it. Game over Microsoft.
Wow! Totally sweet Dock. What mod/skin is that?
Did you load himem.sys?
Cool... Does anyone using a non-Apple SSD notice any beachballing? I get it occasionally in 10.7 and may still apply the Lion Trim hack which works in Mountain Lion GM, apparently.
Moar info plz
SO does it have the Touch Of Steve or not? Still doing my bl**dy tax return. Good thing I have a beer by my side.
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