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Cheers... Ah, hindsight is a dish best served with croutons.Gizmodo. Microsoft. LOL. What a joke they have become compared to where things were in 2008/2009.
The Mac will be phased out to niche devices within the next 10 years. It is already starting. iPads now outsell Macs what, 5 to 1? Remember just a few years ago when it was selling 1:1 with Macs.Most people can't live without a smartphone. An office desktop? They'd ditch without thinking twice.
Finally some common sense. Apart from the extreme scenarios it's obvious nuclear is no-go for the future, and oil&gas, even if unlimited, still have issues of dependency on foreign countries, etc. Free energy for the rest of your life... Wouldn't you want that? Hint: It's not going to come from nuclear or oil&gas.
Fair enough... But I meant 15mbit/s down on an iPad or iPhone for yes, casual use and syncing using Dropbox, iCloud backup and so on. That's all sweet. For syncing between devices on an internal wireless network, then 802.11n syncing is okay (25mbit/s throughput?), but not for "hardcore" use.So I guess I was a bit flippant but for most consumer use wireless (as in to the Internet) and wireless LAN is good enough nowadays. iPhone users especially, ask them what syncing to a...
Never, but wireless is simply, here to stay, and all good. The moment anyone hits generally reliable 15mbit/sec down broadband, wired syncing is... no more, no more.
$299 minimum, I feel.
The hardcore conservatives have no more place in the Age Of Aquarius. They will be dragged like rabid dogs to the slaughter... by themselves. They will become merely entertainment, as the bottom falls out of their beliefs.
I think we don't need to dismantle any existing positive discrimination/ affirmative action. But going forward, it really has no future for humanity, I believe. People are simply not responsible in this day and age to handle things like this. The root of racism must be addressed. Including racism against non-Muslims and Whites in many parts of the world.Tabula Rasa for a new age. The Age Of Aquarius.
Last I check glue has been used for, oh, a few hundred years without any issue making things "unserviceable". This is ridiculous.The next time aliens want to invade all they have to do is use spaceships held together with glue. That will make them indestructible. For mankind has lost all ability to deal with anything that has glue. It's now our Achilles heel and will lead to the downfall of civilisation.
The desktop is dead.
New Posts  All Forums: