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Oh f*** off "special hardware" my rear end. MBP 13" 2010 here. Pfft. Whatever. Mark my words, the PC is dead. iOS will lead Apple to a new glory, with Scott Forstall as CEO when the time is right. My MBP 13" 2010 and ACD 27" will now be "relegated" for RetinaDesign™ work. All hail our new iOS overlords. *Bugger http://www.retinadesign.dk/ already got the term RetinaDesign
The orange slab will be $499. Mark my words.
WTF??? That's an orange slab. What kind of rumour is this? You can call it Jonathan Ive's personal secret iPad 7", but it's still an orange slab.
Jazz, I don't mean to simply bash Mormonism. This thread was a response to the never ending litany of Obama-did-this-Obama-did-that. If someone feels it important to endlessly dredge up Obama's history, then Romney's beliefs are fair game.Yes, then we can compare Obama and Romney's beliefs.While I respect your beliefs Jazz, I am somewhat concerned about the role of Mormonism in the US and other countries.While some say Obamacare is a violation of this and that, various...
I have edited my original post.
I was being sarcastic about Obama.
I've said it a million times, if we can't recycle something because of off-the-shelf glue, then Humanity Is Doomed™. Edit: I see EPEAT might have come to their senses with MBP Retina listed now. Assuming the aforementioned glue isn't made of mercury-laden rhino horn extract. As some people are thinking, this could have been brinkmanship from Apple. Maybe EPEAT was not going to certify MBP Retina, so Apple said, f*** you we're going to pull everything from EPEAT, see if...
Well, I know one company that's a blatant serial offender with no regard for originality. Make that 2 actually. Can you guess who?"But mom, he started it!" is not a good argument here.
What's all this namby-pamby letter writing stuff. Apple needs to send in this m*f*r. Get all Chinese (as in China, you PC thugs) on Samsung's derriere. No Galaxy Tab for you! The name's Yam. Mr. Yam. When the tough gets going, Mr. Yam gets tough. This guy eats ripoff merchants for breakfast.
After hearing about Bain I was tempted to start a thread "Romney is a lying SACK who should go to JAIL" ala one of the other threads.
New Posts  All Forums: