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Agreed. As of 2012 this kind of behaviour anywhere in the world is totally just... idiotic. But guess what. It happens in most of the world, still.
But if the private health industry is heavily regulated, then clearly it has been very badly and very wrongly regulated, would you say? That could be the crux of the matter. The conservative view is always, If (the private sector is messed up, greedy, successful, not successful, hamstrung, whatever) { It is because of too much government regulation }; But if government sucks, then try to fix it first before throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Surely there must be...
Bingo. Now guess how many units ~total in all of history~ Kinect sold.
Upon further reflection, I feel Steve Wozniak has been utterly disrespectful and has betrayed Steve Jobs.
Chump Change To "Do No Dr Evil".
Hopefully this will help the transition to iPad, because I can bet my bottom dollar there'll be a lot of SF officials that can't live without Apple products. For conspiracy theorists, this could have been the plan all along. Because, bless the USA, the loophole of EPEAT is that phones and tablets, as I am informed, do not have to be EPEAT certified.
The T-Mobile ads will read, "Party like it's 2007!"
AKA pulled-from-out-of-someone's-ware. The Courier design was really kickass, in typical Microsoft fashion, what could have been their most popular product and greatest achievement just... never happened.
Ah, Microsoft, Game Over. How sad. To think that Bill Gates has to lord over such failures since 2006 or so, and foreseeably for the next 10 or 20 years until Microsoft's final demise, is just, bl**dy tragic. But I guess that's what happens when you put your d-bag college buddy in charge of one of the world's most significant companies, and not give a damn about what he does. I'll say it until I am blue in the face, just go back and watch the All Things D full Steve Jobs...
Well, it's nonsense, so I'm not optimistic about that poster's explanation.
New Posts  All Forums: