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I hear Windows 8 is fully 128-bit compatible.
Recently moved "Internet Plugins" to "Internet Plugins (Disabled)" folder. Never happier. The plugin web is now dead. Some people refuse to accept it, but, there you go.
And still we will hear how glue makes MacBook Pro Retinas completely unrecyclable. *sigh*
13" MacBook Pro 2010 with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD... COME TO PAPAAAA!
Adobe. No surprise here. Another fine tech company sliding down the slippery slope to irrelevance.
I thought Kinect was the fastest-selling device of all time? Remember the hype? Guess what happened...
Ah, Android. The new Nokia.
Samsung. No surprise here.
I've noticed Siri gradually improving. The lakes and prime numbers question works fine. "Show me John Cusack" movies works.I've still got some irritation because I use UK English recognition as that is what my accent matches with the most closely.But this Siri thing, particularly with Mandarin and Cantonese recognition, is here to stay, and will only get better.My only critique is Steve would have waited a year or so, it feels like Tim Cook is gunning things a little.
Good point. See my comments in other threads about "The death of the desktop web"... if you can find it.
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