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See above?
Huh? Then why was the judge talking about it?"(Samsung's tablets) do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design," Birss said in his ruling. "They are not as cool."The judge found that Samsung's products were distinctive from Apple, as they are thinner and have "unusual details" on the back.Sounds like the case was about comparing the iPad and the Tab.
I'm with BladeDag though. Woz likes the "cheap wine", his taste seems to have gone downhill. Backed too many crappy gadgets.It's sad to see Bill Gates go downhill like this.
OK cool I 100% agree with you.
Bingo. QFT. Free market is all fun and games until there is no more of a free market, instead a government-sponsored oligopoly.
I finally caught up with what Obamacare is about. Here are the issues: 1a. It forces people to buy healthcare from private companies. This is a kind of a hack because this is a distortion of single-payer/universal health care. I understand the constitutional issues as well, and it makes sense that people were opposed and the Supreme Court decision. It is a dangerous thing, to force an individual to purchase something from a private entity. 1b. The simplest approach...
Very dubious. I don't have time. But certainly the US will very likely never see a return to its domestic oil-producing capacity. And of all the talk of "a new oil boom", nothing has seriously materialised. It is still based on a chaining together of unlikely scenarios to pull off the oil boom.
Against. Because you can't take a bunch of people purely on the basis of their race and say this or that. If they're poor or uneducated, then help ~all~ people who are poor or uneducated. If a race is discriminated against, then enforce non-discrimination laws, you don't have to force companies to have x minorities, y majority or z women. You can encourage diversity, by say, "gay-friendly" ideas, and educating workers on say, hate talk against gays at the workplace or...
Sadly, nothing to see here, in terms of the Volt. But. Tesla. It will be the most successful pure-electric car of this decade. Roadster, Tesla Sedan, Tesla SUV. Can't wait to get mine, maybe in a few years.
What's interesting is I thought today, did the judge say "when" the coolness factor was taken into account? Because when the Galaxy Tab (10.1, in this case, I see) came out, the iPad may not have been "cool" yet. Therefore it stands that Samsung copied Apple, because the "cool" argument wouldn't apply. You gotta say I have a point here, no? Isn't it the point when the dispute occurred, it is arguable that the iPad was not that wildly successful ~yet~. You can't...
New Posts  All Forums: