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I have a 2010 13" MBP upgraded with SSD and 8GB of RAM. I think I have finally settled on keeping this, and now using it with recently purchased 27" Cinema Display, wireless keyboard, magic trackpad. Really sweet.You all raise good points, and dovetails with some of what I'm saying. OS X going Retina is a "trendy" thing, not exactly a really polished thing. Retina is currently more suited for iOS, not OS X. OS X is still the best operating system, I agree, upon reflection,...
Thank you very much for taking the time to understand the fundamental flaw of Malaysia. A once proud country with great potential now sliding backwards in history. "Affirmative Action" has gone well past its use-by date. Up to the year 1995, I can accept, but most citizens never thought it would go on forever. It is institutionalised racism now, at best.As for the Agong (King) and the Sultans of the states, they do f**k all nowadays. They don't even protect the rights of...
War? No idea what you are talking about. As for rubbish, that's what the Surface is and what Microsoft has become. Welcome to the post-PC world. Enjoy your stay.
Life is short. Make the most of it. It is so sad to see Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates now so "senile". Live everyday of your life like ~you~ want to. Because when you're 60 and backing a nonsense product, the sun has set on your horizon, and you will be put out to pasture by the market. I wish Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates all the best, and I admire their charitable work which clearly outclasses many people. But in terms of "the cool in thing", they are authorities no more,...
"Tab" is cool... if you're stuck in the 80's. Then again, iPad wasn't a fantastic name, but hey, Apple can make anything "cool", as we are no doubt reassured by this "judge".
iPhone 5 will be iPhone 4S form factor (best phone form factor ever) but only as thick as the stainless steel band.
He's gotta be strong, and gotta be... Dammit now it's stuck it my head.
I gotta say, Retina MacBook Pro OS X didn't do it for me. 7" iPad mini? May not do it for me either. Doesn't have the touch of "Steve" about it. Well, just me. After many trips to the Apple Store I might finally settle on what I am typing this on... my old MBP 13" 2010 hooked up to 27" LED Cinema Display. Retina on iPad and iPhone is great. But Retina on OS X... maybe it's just ~my~ retina.
If this British "judge" proves anything, is that our legal system is totally retarded at dealing with 21st Century issues... Just like the defunct financial system.
No, as a human being, we have a right to decide if that is right or wrong. I haven't made a firm decision on it yet, but others are very welcome to.
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