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??? We're talking about say different accents in the US, UK, Australia, etc. for English alone... That's no small feat for advanced speech recognition with very, very little per-user training at the start. What argument is racist?
That's okay, sooner or later it will sink in. Then it will be too late : )
Funny how more and more Google really looks like the Dr Evil behind all these machinations with HTC, Motorola and Samsung their puppets ~ you know the guys that get killed in the Bond movies while Dr Evil escapes in his private rocket.
And good for both men of pink persuasion and women, it vibrates! Zing!
Nice, calling names, lowlife pieces of shit... Funny, I don't think I did that but seems like you're doing that here. Nice strawman.So Proview is the thug. One Proview? No courts? No government officials? Pity the poor courts and government, bullied by thuggish Proview.I did not make the whole of China to be the enemy, as I mentioned there are things going on there that are concerning. Things Chinese citizens are concerned of too ~ just read one of the non-state-sponsored...
This makes no sense, to be honest. What the heck are Android users actually doing with their phones? There's lots more of them, as we are led to believe, but they appear to be not browsing as much, and not paying for apps much, nor are there much Android tablet apps. So really, ~what the heck are they doing with their Android devices~? Do they just make calls, text and play the free version of Angry Birds? That's not very "smart"phone of them.
When I see posts like this I feel sad that I waste too much time on AppleInsider standing on my soap box yelling the obvious. Well, I'm sure I'm sharpening my skills (or something) here, for future battles. Don't give up brotha.
Calling the Chinese "Thugs"? No, bad, bad Wall Street Journal. How dare you bigoted, xenophobic, white-middle-class.... Oh, wait. A Chinese said that. That's okay then. Because it's like using the N word when you're black. All cool. But be warned, nary a Westerner can say that, nor even anyone not living in China. Because you will be strongly whipped by the new cane of political correctness, now wielded mercilessly.
Don't you like people calling each other a tosser?
It sounds like he was sarcastic?
New Posts  All Forums: