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If it's a rant, then it's a rant. If it's inappropriate, then appropriate action can be taken to remove my posts, though while passionate I don't think it is offensive nor inappropriate, given the topic of this thread which is certainly ~interesting~."Practices that are different"? This is the kind of political correctness that first must be addressed before we can bridge the gap "of misunderstanding". Until people of many races and nationalities can truly say what they...
Mmmm. Classy.
I have no idea what this is about. Maybe because I've been too far up my own *** berating China
Thanks, but I take it that as long as the issues are reported in AI regular forums not PoliticalOutsider then I'll have my say. One day I'll be a "proper" activist but for now you all will unfortunately have to deal with me here.
I appreciate the feedback. My tone is certainly inflammatory at times but I try to keep to the content as far as possible. While it may not be presented in the most palatable way, you get to a certain age when you couldn't be bothered beating around the bush, especially once one themselves realises all these things that are going on. Without digressing, did you know Iran was elected to the UN Commission for Women's Rights? Surely I jest? Nope......
I now prefer paying legitimately for access to iOS Beta than Jailbreaking. For those that like to, sure, go nuts. But that time has passed for me.
I'm actually with Apple][ on this. Android fans are just ... annoying.
That's an interesting point. However, that's also the concern. China is breaking all these records, but yet, ~they've still got a long way to go~.They are already pumping out more CO2 than the US. But with a fraction of GDP per capita.Basically, if China had the GDP ~per capita~ of the USA all the planet's resources would be in serious, serious shortage... Not to mention the state of the Earth.
The RMBP sales will be gangbusters. In 2013 or 2014 probably regular MacBook Pros will be axed, you'll just have MacBook Air 11", 13" then RMBP 13", 15" ...17"? Maybe.
Don't worry, we're getting there.
New Posts  All Forums: