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Wow, dude. I am just blown away by the RMBP. Almost like I want to return it because I feel like I don't deserve it... Not!Battery life is quite good. Can it be better? Sure. More importantly though is ~INDUCTIVE CHARGING~ ...time for it.5G WiFi, Siri, not too concerned about that.The sound system is very good for a wide variety of music. For dance music though I feel the bass can have a little more kick to it. Of course given the size of the speakers I don't know how they...
Shhh don't tell Google. But we need 1080p mirroring to AppleTV soon, hopefully. Then things on the Apple side at least will make more sense.
Downvotes! Yay! I like the stupid little thumb, except that it is pointing the wrong way.
Why is this thread in Genius Bar?
As always, everyone assumes when I criticise China that I'm some pimply 18-year-old fat white kid in Middle America. And as always, I have to wave my credentials in the air... Born in Malaysia, half-Chinese, half-Indian, lived in KL, Singapore, 4 Australian cities, San Francisco. Read & Write English, Malay, basic Mandarin, can understand simple Cantonese.I can haz criticize China now?This political correctness nonsense has to end. Call a spade a spade. Proview are crooks...
Well in Asia parlance this is called "test water". That is, as a business in Asia you try whatever the heck you can, regardless of reality. $1 billion? $10 billion? Even if you're happy to get $100,000, you make up all these wild numbers to buy at the lowest price possible and sell at the highest price possible.Apple finally decided to swat this annoying fly, and it is sad for China and Asia because this demonstrates that if you are a business in Asia you can bribe, cheat,...
It's Asia, particularly China. Some very bad things are happening in China. Unbreathable air, kids getting run over and no one helping, women getting molested on buses etc etc. "Developed" nation? China will never be one, not in the next 20 years anyway.
Yeah, either that or people here aren't using Siri as much. I have to stick to "British English" as that works best for me, because my accent is not hardcore "aussie" enough and still somewhat British... Well, the way I was taught it, Queen's English and all that LOL.But yeah. No major rumblings in the mainstream media about Siri. They're probably too busy showing our Treasurer holding up a piece of chicken at a supermarket to prove that there are no cost increases due to...
This is why I believe in "post-web" development. The WWW is a morass of nonsense for the most part. It's like wading through thicker and thicker mud to get to what I want. Then again maybe this is just a basic usability thing which most people have no clue about, including "professionals".Something has happened. We are now in a post-PC post-Web world. And only a handful of people get this.
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