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Yes, the browsers entirely not rendering Flash (and Java, I hate Java apps) is exactly what I want. Tell you what, my quality of life has improved. As for a backup for viewing Flash-based content, at first I kept Chrome around or what not and then a few months ago I just decided, anything that really needs Google or Flash, outside of do-or-die emergencies, screw it. I'm purging Google and Flash from my life as far as possible. Bought Pixelmator, hope never to touch Adobe...
It is naughty of Apple. Somebody should make Apple state Siri [Beta] more clearly, otherwise Apple should just remove the Beta status altogether. It's not like an average consumer will be like, "Oh, it's Beta, that's okay then" ~ because outside of our cloistered circles the man/woman on the street has no idea what Beta is, let alone "artificial intelligence".Apple needs to come off the fence on Siri, "double-down" like Tim said (as they are doing) even further, and go for...
Well Australia is quite picky about this kind of stuff. Besides fining Apple for iPad "4G", if they wanted to they could go after Siri. The Australian consumer watchdog may have their hands full though policing companies increasing prices unfairly because of the carbon pricing just starting today in Australia.
Can someone say D.O.A. Just like Steve dissing the 7", I thought he was overstating the problem with 7"... However, vindication is a dish best served with rosemary lamb.
Nexus, Android, Google TV, Nexus Q, ChromeOS, Google Play... Google is starting to be like Microsoft. Copy what's successful (aka Apple) and hope for the best. Innovation appears to be drastically slowing down at Google. Quite sad, actually. Well, the chickens have come home to roost for Google. "Domination" at any cost, like Microsoft. And so...
If you don't want your organs information harvested, try Mercury Web Browser. Free, full-screen, private browsing, adblock. Of course, there's Chrome for having your orifices stuffed with ads and tracking, if that's what you like. Top App = Lambs To The Slaughter.
(I've also retired my GPU username because it's not fair to that GPU manufacturer to use their name as such with my oh-so-passionate and sometimes, yes, offensive posts. Additionally I don't want to use that huge post count I racked up in unsuitable ways... So, a clean(er) slate, as it were. I hope this is not an issue.)
I can never show a smilie. Not sure what's going on. Post feedback on http://forums.appleinsider.com/f/12/feedback ?
Which makes Microsoft's senility all the more tragic. This is not good for Microsoft too. I'll repeat, the bell tolls for them.
OK, maybe deleting your own post is a bad idea, but downvoting can still help because it's not always the poster, sometimes it is a post or a streak of posts that you want to remove from the threads. It's more post-oriented "moderation" rather than user-oriented, I feel.It could help that trolling or seriously offensive stuff just gets heavily downvoted and then hidden, rather than everyone try to jump in to reply. Then maybe the mods could periodically purge downvoted...
New Posts  All Forums: