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LOL maybe this guy wrote the graphics drivers...
5'7" FTW! Singapore to London no worries mate. Seriously though, it's amazing how once the bean-counters come in any revolutionary industry is turned into a pile of shite. I sympathise.
Agreed. I like AI and hope this is improved in time. A prototype was attempted: http://vb30.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?t=89889 (screenshots and what not have been deleted by the author by now)
Hallelujah. Some glitches though on right hand side. Keep at it, AI, love ya.
  Killer. This should be advertised more.
  Pity most Android users will never get to enjoy it, at least for 12 months.
  Fair enough.
  It becomes a P.O.S**T.
  If I embed images after one or two images when I click the Edit button the WSIWYG editor is like just a big block of grey. In Safari, no less.
  *Sigh* Adobe Air...
New Posts  All Forums: