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  I understand your humour, but there's some very bad stuff happening in China right now. Apple is trying to be a positive force, I feel, but everything else in China? Not good, not good at all. You honestly wouldn't want to live there at all. Kids getting run down in the street and women molested in broad daylight and nobody cares. Everyone just trying to make a buck.   I'm just thankful I got the hell out of Malaysia. Bad stuff happening in the developing...
Here's a fun thing to do. Take out your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4. Now imagine the plastic/glass edges are totally gone, that is, the phone thickness is just the stainless steel band. Boom! iPhone 5 (or, "The Next iPhone"). Of course the battery will be a killer task.
Sadly, right now the only "threat" Google and Microsoft pose is that to common sense. Just tragic. I'll repeat it, go back and watch the Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates AllThingsD full interview. Do you realise that Bill is just spouting absolute nonsense? Really, it was total rubbish.   There's one part where Bill randomly says, "The answer is 3D". I was like, ???   And that hasn't changed for 5 years. Explains everything about Microsoft. Really sad.
  The grass is always greener... LOL
So, AT&T, how did that work out for ya?
Sure, give more personal information to Google. Why Not.
I sympathise with the rank-and-file staff, but, why is this company still existing? At some stage you just have to slice the head of the zombie clean off.
  Yeah I'm going to miss his ugly mug. It was nice to see the elves that make the magic happen have their 15 minutes of fame.    MacBook Pro Retina. An unbelievable piece of design, let alone engineering. It's almost as thin as the iPhone. Massive performance ~ benches at close to the highest of all stock Apple computers. Let's think about that for a second.
  LOL if you think graphics issues don't case problems in Windows XP/Vista/7... :lol: Windows Vista trying to do the Retina upscale and downscale in an almost resolution-independent fashion... Good Luck to Windows.    I can't even run 3DMark on a new PC without downloading five million things first and going through pages and pages of troubleshooting forums.   Well, I guess my time is mine to use as I see fit, but tell you what, since ditching my PC and going...
  I'm using AdBlock and removed almost all plugins in all my browsers on my new Retina MacBook Pro. Web pages, let alone plugins, sully the Retina Experience™. Think about it. Native Apps vs Web Pages in your Retina device. Which would you choose? Endless scrolling through tons of words and much more ads?   The Retina Generation™ is here.
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