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Regardless, I've made some strides in stopping to use anything Google. And I feel good about it. Reason enough for me.
  It's hilarious isn't it. Android is arguably the most popular mobile platform ~of all time~ and Flash on Android had, oh, I don't know, about five years? (Not including Apple asking them to come back with something decent for iOS).   And Flash on Android... Why doesn't it work? Or does it? Or does anyone care? Why are most people still on Android 2 and not ICS? Why is this such a cluster****?
  Bloody amazing. Just watching the recently released All Things D full Steve Jobs interviews. 110% Vindication for Steve.   So sad he wasn't around to see it. Ah well, I guess Buddha and Moses are enjoying their iPads.    Steve:   "The problem with humans was that you didn't make them user-friendly enough" "So, let's create an entire sentient race that's insanely great..."
As usual, I can't seem to edit my post, I meant to say above, "anyone who wants a PC will be hard-pressed not to purchase a PC that is thin, light, or simply a dirt cheap piece of junk."
  The key is that the tablet market is the new PC market. Steve saw this as far back as 2007 (see All Things D full interview, note contrast with Bill Gates who basically had no idea what he was doing [I admire his philanthropy though I continue to call for Bill to step away completely from Microsoft]).   Smartphones are important because it is the number one electronic device everyone in the world needs.   Tablets will be critical because the tablet is the new PC and PCs...
  Fair enough, however the iOS and Mac cloud services are very seamless nowadays. Not perfect, but much, much improved. Compare that with on Xbox360 everything is about forcing you to pay many dollars a month for Xbox Live just to have cloud saved games. And most iCloud services = free for $0/year
The "dilemma" is that even people that use Windows a lot don't think much of Windows 8 Basic/ Home/ Super/ Tablet/ Intel/ ARM/ Premium/ Super Premium/ Black/ White/ Whatever.
  The issue is that Android gained a lot of steam for smartphones because, let's face it, it just ripped off Apple. However, Apple, whether it knew it or not, was right to delay the iPad just long enough so that it was a leap ahead of iOS/Android for smartphones. Also, once the Judases had been kicked out of Apple (you know who), along with further innovation (not just a phone OS dumped onto a bigger screen)... iPad and the iPad ecosystem will very likely prevent Android...
  It's amazing isn't it. Apple made the Mac. Microsoft copied it. Apple lost "the war". Apple made the iPod. Apple won "the war". Apple made the iPhone. Google copied it. Apple is about same or no.2 to Android market share. Apple made the iPad. Apple won "the war".    Gradually, after 30 years, I hope Steve can rest easy up above. Apple is gradually gaining much ground. iPod dominated. iPhone is a major force to be reckoned with that along with Android wiped Nokia, Sony...
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