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Thanks for the information. Ill give it a try
Thanks for the info - when you say reformat the external, is that the same as erasing the external and verifying the disk through disk utility? If so we (apple support walked me thought it) did that and that's when my internal hard drive got to big to fit on the external.  I don't need to receiver the old backups, I just want to back up what I have now.
I stupidly deleted many old back-up off of my external harddrive.  Noe Time Machine can't do a backup because it says it has 515GB of data and I only have 499 GB of space.  My data was never this large before I deleted the files.  When I open About This Mac it says my space used is only 401GB on the internal harddrive. Something happened when I deleted the external harddrive files.  I have erased everything off of my external harddrive and now I can't even do one backup....
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