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It's been way too long? Mac mini.
Maybe it has a different model identifier because it's not meant to be sold to consumers.
Didn't Microsoft win a case against Motorola where the ITC was supposed to ban Motorola phones coming into the country but hasn't, supposedly due to closed door meetings between the government and Google? If they don't ban the Motorola phones how can they get away with banning the iPhones?
All I know is I'm tired of reading about lawsuits every day.
  We don't know how much they wanted from Apple though.  They could have requested substantially more than they did with others given that Apple is such a high profile target.  We don't know if they have been violated yet.  
That was back in the day when people took responsibility for their own actions. Those days are long gone. Now it's always everyone else's fault and how much $$$ can I get out of them.
No, he is suing so that he can use the free press from it to push his agenda.
"We don't know what Apple's plans are, but iPrefs don't interfere with Apple's using the existing cash hoard," Einhorn said. If you don't know what Apple's plans are then how do you know if your idea interferes with their plans?
  It would be political suicide not to.  
http://www.bang-olufsen.com/en/picture/beovision-10 PIC
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