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So, AI please tells me something we don't already know about business practices in China? I thought all Apple's manufacturing partners were immune to any labor abuses, and that's one of the reasons why i-gadget users pay premium for Apple products. Premium prices = premium treatment to laborers? No? 
I am sure M$ blows one billion dollars for advertisement to entice people to buy Surface that is not "working well enough." 
If priced right and the keyboard functioned as intended, Surface will take over xmas shopping season. 
Of course, the Chinese will buy a bunch of Kotex Minipads, uhm..., I meant the women. Ipad Mini? I'm sorry, what? With the 7" tablet models of android's Chinese variants sold for about USD100-USD150 each, the Chinese WILL DEFINITELY BUY Apple's Ipad Minis with the same internal hardware and crappy screens, much like Android ones, but cost almost THREE TIMES as much. Yupe, definitely, the Chinese loves to flaunt their riches to buy yesterday's technology.   You just...
You must've forgotten that these buyers of i-gadgets are generally very rich and love flaunting their wealth around. Many of them own a small i-Plane Mini which would get them to where they are going using Apple's "fly-over" view. Apple and its engineers are building many i-Landing strips everywhere, as we speak, in many metropolitan area around the world to cater this ever growing wealthy segment of i-Gadget users. 
I remember just about five or six years ago I was able to tilt the view on terrain and see the 3D rendering of some rugged area in Canada and the US with Google Earth, plus some areas in Europe and Asia. I was on a "Fiber Optic Network" at the time, it was fun to see many places you've been and the even much much more places you've never been. It was to me, just a toy, enough to spend roughly an hour or so of your time wasting the bandwidth.
The case of SIRI "listening" with its ear plugged with a cotton ball.... Good thing it didn't spell out "oh sloow" before "Barthelona" which I thought was the long lost cousin of Bart Simpson...
Or, they can go ala Kotex, i.e. MiniPads and MaxiPads... It truly is describing Apple wonderfully...; it sucks its users' blood. Or, going further in the case of Apple map..., it truly sucks, period.
Well, after proudly paying the so-called Apple Tax for overpriced gadgets, Macs, etc... for many many years, that's the least some of these I-gadget users would wish for. See, those hundred billion of cash pile at Apple,  It actually had belonged to its users at one point or another before Apple's invisible hand quietly swiped  that money away out of its users' pockets.
New Posts  All Forums: