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I think in most patent cases the complainants will wait for mass adoption before they start their moves. In other words, they are, or should I say, the patent lawyers, are waiting for the right time to claim the prize money. Based on what can bee seen on his demo, he has a strong case and a big pile of money waiting for him. 
Here's something even more strange. Knowing Apple's behavior of patenting all the wet dreams that their designers and engineers ever have way before even the technology was even there, why Apple wait until 2007 to patent their "ooooh-sooooo-coooool-and-revolutionary" pinch to zoom gesture? I think you should know the answer to that question. 
Then, you should look at this one, also introduced prior to Apple's patents. Some stuff  are not even "implemeted" by IOS just yet. Should we wait until Jeff Han and his team to  sue Apple for the latter's  "inspirations" based on the former's ideas?   http://www.ted.com/talks/jeff_han_demos_his_breakthrough_touchscreen.html
Based on that youtube video alone. IT IS A GAME OVER FOR APPLE.   And, say fanbois...??  
  The well-learned man meant "soju" ;)
Before Apple announced Iphone in early 2007, most cellphone manufacturers had released "rectangle with rounded corners" as early as 2003. Nokia released 6030 and 6708 in Q1 2005. Motorola had several models released in 2002 and 2003 [c331/333, e380]. Sony Ericsson had also released many of models with "rectangle with rounded corners" characteristics since 2005. LG produced C2600 in 2006. And many other manufacturers had released phones prior to 2007 with similar...
Duh....!! Of course they do. They are the best frenemies on the planet. What we never know is the extend of the cross licensing deals. I don't know what will happen to the "friendship" post W8-WP8 releases, If you are talking about the patent-crazed Apple which basically files patent for every single one of their designers' wet dreams, well Microsoft is so full of this madness too. A bunch of features and software implementations found in UNIX and miraculously showed up...
  They are the venerable but dumb albeit power stingy Nokia 1100, 250 million sold, and I betcha some people are still using it. It just runs and runs and runs...   A little tidbits:    The Nokia 1100 was designed at Nokia Design Center in California, by the Bulgarian-American designer Miki Mehandjiysky.   Nokia's one billionth phone sold was a Nokia 1100 purchased in Nigeria in 2005.   The basic Nokia 1100 consumes only a fraction of the power in its battery and...
Actually, if you join the thread rather late, such as what you are doing, you have the luxury to read some intelligent and not-so intelligent posts, and you'd also find out indirectly what SGS III has that Iphone 4S doesn't. Some of these features will probably be rendered moot by the "new" Iphone.       Your question is partially answered by Mercury99 post:       I will also add an excellent battery life for a 4G LTE phone.  
Nope. the top selling phone of all time is a dumb phone called NOKIA 1100, released in 2003, with about 250 million sold, not just shipped, as people at AI love to repeat rather incessantly. Infact, Iphone, with all its iterations, can manage perhaps around 125 million sold up until now, still less than the Nokia 1100 younger sibling's, the Nokia 1110, total of 150 million.    Yes, I will let it slide only when you are saying "the top selling smartphone of all time"...
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