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In AI, they don't want platform agnostics around, such as yourself, even for just switching phones. Windows Phone 8 is another viable alternative. Although, some will say WP8 has an ecosystem problem, but that is too much of an exaggerations. At most, I will install maybe 30-50 apps, of which half probably free ones. All of these and more are already in WP marketplace, already counting more than 100K apps there. Everything else, well you can always synch it from your...
I think BB has 30 days return policy. It gives that many days for buyers to play dumb. 
The partial email they got from Google was enough? Come again? In what way will that be enough for the thief to force his way in? Is this Mat Honan, being an IT writer tha he is, seems intelligent enough to you? The fact that he didn't back up his important data off-line someplace actually qualifies him to become an idiot who possibly didn't practice what he preached, i.e. backup your data- backup your data- backup your data. And, of course, as many people do, to make...
Had there not been paper making invention by the Chinese around 100 AD, people all over, including "Americans", would have been chugging along "the real tablets" made of stones much like ones brought by Moses as he returned from Mt. Sinai.  Too bad, the Chinese had not patented the idea.
It points to the momentum shift from North America to elsewhere in patents that matters to people, i.e. HDTV, 4G LTE, etc... So people overseas don't patent rectangles because they've been living with rectangles since eons ago. The two ancient civilizations in the world , the Korean and Chinese civilizations, have enjoyed living with rectangular, circular and triangular objects since thousands of years before Christ was even born. In addition, people all over love to use...
You make it way too easy.    The now bankrupt Nortel's 4G LTE patent portfolio amounts to a measly 150 patents which is now own by Apple-Microsoft-Sony-RIM consortium, representing about a tiny 1.8% of seminal 4G LTE patent portfolio. As I have said in my earlier posts with regard to 4G LTE patents, Android partners own about 30+% of 4G LTE portfolio. Qualcomm has about 700+ or so 4G LTE patents. Meanwhile, the "copycat and "not innovative" Samsung has almost 1200 patents...
Not to mention, in the shortly becoming a war zone the 4G LTE patents and technology, Apple is very much defenseless there, and it can only hope for FRAND as its cover.
Judge Koh is in a major pickle. As a Korean descent, if she sides with Samsung, she would be accused of being prejudicial. OTOH, when she agrees with Apple, some people will undoubtedly blame her as trying too hard to be impartial. If I were her, I would just resign and disqualify myself from this case, and I would let somebody else preside over. Life's just too short to be thrown into this type of situation.   
I don't know if those Apple's internal email addresses are in public domain. But, it's nice to know that we can actually speak directly to the source(s) about our displeasure instead of arguing endlessly here at AI and accomplishing nothing of significance. The only people who can change Apple's behaviors are people INSIDE the Apple's castle.
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