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Can someone 'splain to me what these words mean? I knew of a Canadian hockey guy named "Don Cherry" who I think invented the phrase "Rocket Surgery" when he actually meant "Rocket Science". 
In your own hemisphere perhaps, but in the other hemisphere, it's actually summer that is near. You can ask "hill60" if you don't believe me.... While at it, you can ask him when he flushes his toilet whether the water flow clockwise or counter-clockwise..., and compare it to what you see when you do...    
The Lumia 920 [will be my next phone, BTW] has a marginally bigger but optimal 8.7 Megapixel but with F/2.0. And, if Nokia is telling "the truth nothing but the truth", the optical technology in Lumia 920 will be much more superior than the one in Iphone 5.    p.s. It appears you're gonna get your Iphone 5 one day earlier than the rest of them in the States..., again. Congrats...    
I think you're reasoning is rather out of whack. Almost ALL premium Android phones have tossed that 4" specs to their back storage room, never heard from again..., and so far there wasn't anyone who bought the bigger screen Android phone by choice complained about its usability or its fumbling out of a hand.  
Nope, other than his secretive but passionate love of Sony, he never has any original ideas of his own at all. And it shows..., but for his complete lack of originality, he was knighted. Everyone knows once you're knighted, everything will start to go down hill from there. Perhaps, that IS his punishment.   
Neh..., I'd prefer that "guy" who won that Jeopardy! contest against the two super human blessed with millions of useless information in their collective brains. Watson,..., yes, that's  "its" name.
On this point I agree with you completely. 
That wireless charging thingy is just a gimmick, but it uses the so--called Qi interoperability technology. In the demo, I think they showed how JBL "Power Up" dock can act as both the wireless charging dock and also as an NFC based audio dock for Nokia 920. All you have to do is to knock the Nokia 920 to the JBL dock and the music is transferred and being played through JBL speaker.    The deal breaker is perhaps the camera with the new floating lense technology with...
Nokia had just updated its website with Lumia 920 and most of its specs and features right here and its new video right here. With already 100K apps, I think ithas reached that critical mass, and WP8 will survive...
ראש השנה מתקרבת בפחות מארבעה שבועות ..., שנה טובה לך ולאהוביך ...   And, I can count on getting some of that wonderful Challah bread then...? ;)  
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