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Contrary to what most people believe here, I think the NFC chip will be there; However, it is rendered inactive/unusable until it is being incorporated/activated by one iteration of future IOS fixes/updates.     
I think the point is this guy is using his cellphone for "three hour straight" without pause. I would imagine any brain will fry eventually after a three hour of constant bombardment of radiation. Can't he use his land line for a phone call of that extreme duration? I think the best advice to any phone conversation by way of cellphone is to keep it short and simple. Coincidently, Samsung produces cellphones with the least amount of SAR compare to others. Samsung...
Perhaps, it's someone who is  "very-very-very-very..." unlucky - someone who constantly got shot down every time he tries his pick-up line at a local bar.
I think it's a classic symptom of undiagnosed "commaphobia".
How about this: Apple knew all along what was going on and let them scam buyers in its lucrative App Store. Then,  when someone confesses of playing that little cartel game there to authorities, like a house of cards, everyone else involved is brought down one by one. 
I think you have it backward by saying it as a FUD. A FUD is usually originated by the incumbent product's maker or users. How on earth a statement opined by a user of an Android tablet and its minuscule market share can actually create Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt to users of an IOS tablet and its superly massive [i.e. near monopolistic] market share?  
I think I said "eventually". It may take two years, five years, a decade, who knows..., but it will eventually become just one shape [or perhaps none - because in the future we can start speaking telepathically even over a long distance with a quantum phone].
THEY WILL ALL look the same eventually. They are ALL already converging into "rectangle with rounded edges". How different do you think they will become? Has anyone at IBM's Zurich Lab or Watson Lab came up with a Googolgon shape phone yet? 
Yupe, Samsung had just unveiled its line up for W8 and WP8 devices in Berlin yesterday. It definitely steals some thunder out of the planned joint announcement by the "two steves" Elop and Balmer on Nokia's new devices running the exact same OS'es later next week. I still can't quite figure out Samsung's game plan though. Is it to rule the world via smartphones? Does Samsung actually embed some sort of mind-controlling chips inside all of its phones?
That will be the first. A Japanese industrial tech giant with years of technological expertise under its belt will be [listening to / dictated by] the low-cost-but-highly-disrespectful-of-own-labor-force Chinese counterpart. Is this the long-awaited Chinese revenge against the perpetrator of one of the dark pages in Asian history aka the Japanese's Rape of Nanking?  
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