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So where is the ability to choose an alternate to SIRI such as Google Now or Cortana on the iPhone, of wait that will NEVER happen. Fortunately I just use the Google app for my queries. I have tried side by side comparisons and frankly as most will agree SIRI sucks, it fails time and again at getting the data right. SIRI did so much more when it was originally launched offered as an app outside of iOS and when Apple bought it they ruined it completely. As for Apple...
And Apple does the same thing, abuses the patent system every day of the week. Creating things that will never be made, conjuring up ideas that are bogus at best and at worst copy from others. That said, they can afford the penalty and they are no white knight so get over it already. Should they lose, I hope the patent holder does NOT license to Apple and forces them to rebuild their systems. This will strike one blow against them.
So she breaks a phone gets it replaced for $49 with a refurbished unit, breaks it again and had to pay another $49 again with a refubished unit, she then gets an iPhone 6 proceeds to break that gets it replaced again for $79.   What does this woman and her attorney's think "Like New" is?  Is she supposed to get Brand New Devices every time she is so careless she breaks them.   This lawsuit should be tossed out and the woman sued for wasting the court's time.  The only...
When was the last time MTV was relevant for anything. It used to be cool when I was a kid, not so much today.
Is Apple going to buy this company or is this tech going to be available to any company who wants to use it. I think this could benefit all companies looking to offer fingerprint sensors without having add them in buttons or backs of phones.
Clearly many here are clueless. Qualcomm is there for radios not the chipset. Samsung offered Gold as a phone color long before Apple did and of course Apple used "Plus" and had to suck it up and get down on its knees and admit they had to offer a larger phone because Android was taking their sales. That said, WTF, who cares. It's a phone and any phone is outdated within months of launch, iPhone included. I just left the AT&T store tonight where idiots are buying...
I have to take Apple's side on this one. In my youth (many, many years ago) retailers checked bags of employees as they left work, its to stop "shrink", theft, stealing, etc. Sorry but you get paid pretty well to work "retail" job and if you have to take a few minutes out of your day then leave your bag in the car or better yet at home. If they don't like the hassle, then wait for NYS to raise the minimum wage for Fast Food workers to $15 over the next few years and...
Apple doesn't make anything, they rely solely on the rest of the rest of the world to make everything including Samsung, Corning,  and many others.  Too bad they can't make their own products IN the USA.
Too band the iphone can't do two things at once and SIRI sucks compared to Google Now.  I compared both yesterday, Google Now won hands down.
No more like 30 million in the first two months. Did you actually look at my profile?  I suspect you DIDN'T.  You don't know me and I certainly don't want to know YOU. But I have owned more smartphones, mac products in my lifetime than you will likley ever own.
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