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Its pretty simple folks, put a CASE on your phone and remove the risk of bending.
Product bans are not in the best interest of the consumer market at least that was the excuse Obama's administration gave when they declined to ban infringing products by Apple so turn about is fair play. Apple has been compensated based on the supposed harm and yet Apple has neither balls or backing to go after ALL Android OEM's or Google for the same alleged infringement. Swipe to unlock and rubber band effect are part of the Android OS not Samsung's implementation of...
So these major tech companies put the screws to employees to keep them from getting higher salaries based on their skills and expertise which clearly save them much more than they are paying out and these employees get $2-8k for their aggravation and lost income. No way, the bill to these companies should be in the BILLIONS and each of those affected should get $100k for their pain and suffering. If companies take want to pay they shouldn't play.
I just picked up an iphone 5S 64GB for the simple reason I want lots of storage, BUT, I don't see me picking up a new phone in the fall even with the screen bump unless Apple addresses the poor battery life their phones have. Say what you want about Android but there are key factors, swappable batteries (in most phones) and BIGGER BATTERIES in their phones. I mean the 5S has what 1570mAh which is up from 1440mAh on the iphone 5. The issue is Apples desire to be thin...
So what you are really saying is iOS vs Android sales by OS on each carrier goes as follows: AT&T: iOS 52% & Android 48% Verizon: iOS 51% & Android 49% T-Mobile: iOS 24% & Android 76% Spring: iOS 36% & Android 64% What matters is not the device mfg but the OS. Since only one company makes iOS and many make Android devices. We certainly won't count Windows Phone or BB in this counting. Bottom line is Android still gets huge sales and iphones are greatly helped by the...
So the only way Apple can say they outsold Windows OEM's is to combine ios devices into the computer category. Sorry that is a lame answer if you can't win on the product alone then don't play the game. Desktops/laptops vs desktops/laptops. Next they will count their iwatch as a computer and the appletv as well.
I hate fremium apps, I would rather pay the coin to get the full app than pay to play each and every little part just to enjoy the game. I won't buy the latest racing game for this reason alone. On Android its actually worse, I paid for my Angry Birds apps and when they went free with ads I get screwed with ads now. Ad Blockers do help, but now that I am on iOS again I have paid for apps and don't bother with free ad based apps.
This report is so slanted its not funny. iCloud is a defacto product that any iOS device needs just to sync your contacts, calendar, bookmarks etc. In fact the only reason I have mine turned on is because Google turned off syncing contacts, calendar, etc on my iPhone otherwise I wouldn't even bother with it. This is right up there with the comments about Google numbers being overstated because anyone who signs up for gmail gets a Google account as well, which by...
This doesn't surprise me in the least and its a basic rule of business, pay as little as possible so you can make as much as possible. Apple should know that they are not ruling the roost anymore and the music labels are not in a hurry to roll over and let them take it all.
To me this patent should not be approved on the simple basis that its no different then what a Library does, no different that what you can do with your Kindle. Its a loan or transfer of goods, sure digital vs physical but its a slippery slope to be allowing patents on. Something ideas should be open.
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