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Too band the iphone can't do two things at once and SIRI sucks compared to Google Now.  I compared both yesterday, Google Now won hands down.
No more like 30 million in the first two months. Did you actually look at my profile?  I suspect you DIDN'T.  You don't know me and I certainly don't want to know YOU. But I have owned more smartphones, mac products in my lifetime than you will likley ever own.
No more like 30 million in the first two months.
They don't need advertising the phone is doing quite well on its own.  Have you seen the photo comparisons, S6/Edge vs iPhone 6/6+ I can tell you the iPhone did NOT win.  Don't blame it on 6 month old phone either, the upcoming phone in 6 months will likely have the same crappy lens configuration.
Really, Android users were the cause of this.  NO, it was every one in the media, tech blogs, etc that were behdind this.  It started with antennagate and Jobs arrogant attitude by saying you're holding it wrong, when it was a matter of you designed it wrong.  I happen to use Apple Android, iOS, WIndows and I don't put my $1000 phone in my backpocket and expect it to NOT get damaged.  If you do then your and idiot plan and simple.   * Posting this from my MBP, with an...
To Paul94544, a quick search of Google https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&es_th=1&ie=UTF-8#q=iphone%20controlled%20sex%20toy&search_plus_one=form and you will find your answer, the quick answer is yes, and Apple didn't like they marketing it.
This is the antithesis of Apples business strategy "I and others have reported this to Apple, yet they are quiet on the issue," if there is a problem say nothing. If someone writes an article they don't like and per Apple policy they NEVER comment, they simply get Pro-Apple Bloggers and Journalists to bash said creator the offending article. Happens time and again. I love their products but hate their ethics.
I use VLC on my MBP, but what do iOS users use VLC for on their phones. It disappeared so long long ago I forget what it could actually do.
Okay, let me get this straight. They said they are asking to"follow through with its key employee incentive plan for certain insiders (KEIP) and key employee retention plan for non-insiders (KERP), both being performance-driven initiatives designed to motivate top executives. " They want to pay incentives to "executives" who couldn't meet Apples requirements and sold their stock before announcing the bankruptcy. Oh yeah, they truly deserve that, NOT!
Honestly at this stage in the game, Apple shouldn't even be offering 8GB as the "Free" base model, 16GB should be the "Free" base model. The Apps have grown in size to accommodate so many different resolutions, and iOS is becoming a pig for storage space. I will say though, when you are buying any smartphone or tablet with NO external storage options, then you have to ask "Is this storage capacity going to meet my needs"? Simply put, if you carry music, take a lot of...
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