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So let me get this straight US AG Eric "I'M Leaving My Job (hooray) Soon" Holder is upset that Apple AND Google have added encryption to their OS's which will make it harder for the gov't to get into them. Oh I get it they are worried about terrorists and we must subject all of the hundreds of millions if not billions of users who are NOT terrorists to unlawful search and seizure by the gov't. Its the same old tired routine like when Congress likes to trot out child...
I am hoping Apple Pay does well and I can make my life easier, however NFC has not broken any adoption records in the US and Apple is not going to change that overnight, suggestions to the contrary are misleading.  No one is going to leave their plastic at home, because the one time you need it and your Apple Pay doesn't work you are SOL.  Go to your average store and ask about NFC or how to check out the clerks have no clue.   Apple will hasten the adoption that is a...
You clearly DON'T read well, or quote well either.  Apple blocking PayPal for working with Samsung is a TYPICAL Apple move.  Get your facts right or don't post them at all.
Clearly you don't have a clue or know my Apple background so let ME educate you.  I have used MAC's since the Apple IIE right through todays 15" MBP I purchased two weeks ago, I have a iPhone 6+ 128GB on order with AT&T, I am waiting for the iPad Air 2 since I want the touch ID on it and in the last 20 years I have likely spent well over $50k on Apple for my personal use. Since 1995 I have owned well over 80 mobile phones, with about 70 of them being smartphones in the...
Its easy to spout off on a forum with no proof or evidence to back up any comment, well done sir, well done.
Hardly the point and apple is NOT trusted by all those users, just because they HAVE to put a credit card in to use the service doesn't equal blind trust.
Typical move by Apple who is acting like a petulant child. Companies must expand their services to remain competitive and signing up with a single company regardless of how self important they think they are is business suicide. PayPal has shareholders (via eBay) and soon their own shareholders when they are split off from eBay. If Apple can't handle the business world doing business they should get out of the game.
@sog35, sure its stupid to offer split screen capabilities on a sub 6" device, ARE YOU STUPID. Samsung has been doing that for 4 years now and users LOVE IT. Apple finally woke up after sleeping for a few hundred years and offered a phone that isn't for small children's hands. The 6 IS the phone to get not the 4S size phones.
Standard Apple policy, say nothing and if you they don't like what someone is going to say in the press they can simply get the "blogs" to go after them and tear into them for reporting the facts, Apple would not give a comment or offered no comment, or sat on their arse and did nothing as usual since they still feel their OS is far more secure than anything else on the market. The fact is Apple is now where MS was years and years ago the fact that iOS and iCloud are so...
Its pretty simple folks, put a CASE on your phone and remove the risk of bending.
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