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Apple clearly had a reason for using this image and felt it would capture the buyers attention to the new retina display.  This is the second time Apple has used others works without permission is such a short window.  Apple sues all the time and sees dollar signs so the little guy/gal cannot do that, they have no rights to protect their own intellectual property and copyrighted/trademarked images or content.  Take without permission and you get sued, Apple knows that...
I don't like the Apple tax we have to pay for their cables, but I'm not about to save $10 and fry my $850 iP5 either.  That said, when real alternatives become available that are priced appropriately I will look at them.  BUT, given that Apple is demanding that the products be made in their certified factories I don't expect we will see anything lower than a few dollars to start with not for at least or year or more.  Apple has to milk that cow for all its worth.
It depends on the price point Apple is shooting for with the iPad mini.  Sure you can easily say Apple commands a higher price point and they get it, but there is also reality here, 7 inch tablets are cheap and people are buying them in droves so if Apple is going to cut into that dance and do it in a big way (as expected) they can't be charging $400 when everyone else is $200 or less.
Apple should not be let off the hook on this, they made a decision to ditch Google Maps before they were ready.  They could have chosen to go another year while they built a more robust map replacement, but they didn't.  Plus given their $100+ Billion cash hoard their really is no excuse for a half assed maps app, they have the coin, the resources and they certainly could have bought their way into whatever they needed. That said, I have numerous GPS apps on my iP5...
So Samsung is possibly going to offer a 4" variant of their super hot selling Galaxy S3 4.8" phone.  What can you say, great for them, if it allows them to sell more and make a market for themselves so be it.  Not everyone wants iOS, not everyone wants Android, okay a few want Windows Phone and BlackBerry but pretty much everyone wants either iOS or Android.   Still people will buy what they want from who they want on the carrier they want.  What does it matter if...
I am taking the side of the Foxconn workers on this one.  First, they are paid shit wages and I don't care that they work and live in China and that's the norm over there.  The profit margins for any iDevice let alone the iPhone are more than sufficient that Apple can and should be paying more given the stringent QC needed.  This of course should mean the QC should be met if you are going to be paid more.   This also brings up the fact that this design may not be the...
You know I actually had a T-Shirt that said that.  I got it in the Caribbean many years ago, always liked it.
As usual its not possible that Apple is infringing on another companies IP! It's simple if they infringed, pay up, if they didn't then the other company can shut up and move on. It's up to the courts to decide if their patent includes how Apple is doing Passbook. Now if the other litigants that are alleged to be infringing who also are a part of Passbook then by extension Apple could be infringing as well since they tie in. Or not and this will get quashed.
If Apple didn't make a shit app to begin with our iPhones would be working better. Sue them for what pointing out the fact that their Maps App if a failure and that we a touted feature (one again) does not meet the promise or the expectation. Get real, I checked Google Maps online and the address came up, seems like a bunch of BS to me. Oh and yes I have owned the iP4, iP4s and I have the iP5 64GB Black on Verizon!
From a legal standpoint Samsung may have a good argument, if in fact jurors did ignore the judges instructions and relied on evidence not provided during the trial to reach their decision then a new trial would be in order. It would also put to rest the case once and for all. If Apple could win this round, what's to say they wouldn't win the next round! Let the games begin.
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