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Buying an iPhone is like buying a new car, I wouldn't accept my new car from the dealer with a scratch on it or a nick in the body panels, why the hell should I on the iPhone!  For what these costs Apple should have better QC, it took them nearly a year to get the white iP4 out the door because they couldn't get the color down right I expect no less with the new iPhone 5.  If mine arrives with a nick in it, Verizon will be getting it back and I will wait it out for a...
So it proves that Apple is gouging their customers.  Costs = $3.50 & Sell = $29.00 that is a pretty steep markup and is simply not justifiable under any circumstances.  We have no choice but to pay the ridiculous price since no one can make a true 3rd party cable.  Shameful Apple, simply SHAMEFUL.
I just don't see a 1.0 release that is so messed up as acceptable.  GPS Maps need to be accurate for users and we don't need another excuse for idiots who follow a GPS to the literal extent that they turn onto railroad tracks causing more issues with this.  If Apple was ready with their maps they should have left it out and added it in 6.1 in a few months or done something else.  Having a messed up app from Apple is just not normal, they usually have everything on the mark.
I hope retailers and venue's due add support quickly so this can become even more beneficial for users who don't live in "major" metro markets like NYC, San Francisco,etc but do live in large cities.
Wait, so why doesn't Passbook work with the iPad, that doesn't make sense. Even if its WiFi only (or the LTE version) it should be there, you should be able to sync to all devices, Mac, iPhone, iTouch and iPad. This way you can have your Apple world synced wherever you go.
And if you actually bothered to read, it has been stated that none are FRAND or SEP so no Motorola has the right to sue and did offer as they have stated to license.  Apple is not known for their generosity when it comes to licensing patents and their "fair and reasonable" offer to Samsung was received as unfair and unreasonable.   Perhaps the USPTO should pull their collective heads out of their arses and actually do something about the screwed up process, then we would...
I originally went to the Apple site around 7am eastern time to find it pushed out 2 weeks, by the time I could get to work and order mine from Verizon I had just missed the 9/21 date, looking at 9/26 or sooner they said. If an earlier buyer doesn't accept their order info sent via email or cancels mine would bump up in the que. Not expecting that to happen. Oh well, its only a few more days and it gives time for case makers to get their stuff out the door.
Yes it does, but you have to save it to the MS Office format and if someone sends you a copy of a document in that format you have to open it and convert it over.  I have iWork and Office 2010 and Office 2011 and I find iWork to be a PITA to use and Office 2011 with the Mac centric features to just not be intuitive so I use the Office 2010 on my Parallels machine.
USB 3.0 makes logical sense the new Macs have it, Windows based PC's have it which is the common speed benefit for both. Windows based PC's do not however have any Thunderbolt ports (at least not that I have heard about). For me though I am looking to go more wireless syncing and skipping my USB 2.0 on my current MBP, perhaps when I upgrade in the future I can benefit from USB3.0.
I thought Apple's belief was if it doesn't add anything don't use it. I mean they believe in one button on a mouse until they got rid of the button altogether. Now they just need to ditch the button on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad and get something better. I find the skeuomorphic interfaces cheesy, tacky and lacking in originality which is what I always felt Apple was about. I prefer clean lines and a clean UI, but some of their UI elements are sterile and cold so find...
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