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Yes it does, but you have to save it to the MS Office format and if someone sends you a copy of a document in that format you have to open it and convert it over.  I have iWork and Office 2010 and Office 2011 and I find iWork to be a PITA to use and Office 2011 with the Mac centric features to just not be intuitive so I use the Office 2010 on my Parallels machine.
USB 3.0 makes logical sense the new Macs have it, Windows based PC's have it which is the common speed benefit for both. Windows based PC's do not however have any Thunderbolt ports (at least not that I have heard about). For me though I am looking to go more wireless syncing and skipping my USB 2.0 on my current MBP, perhaps when I upgrade in the future I can benefit from USB3.0.
I thought Apple's belief was if it doesn't add anything don't use it. I mean they believe in one button on a mouse until they got rid of the button altogether. Now they just need to ditch the button on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad and get something better. I find the skeuomorphic interfaces cheesy, tacky and lacking in originality which is what I always felt Apple was about. I prefer clean lines and a clean UI, but some of their UI elements are sterile and cold so find...
Their contracted time is up post purchase of their company and they may not have the input any longer since its part of the core iOS now. It not like Apple doesn't chew people up and spit them out anyways and they got $200 million so their not poor or have to work.
Actually yojimbo007 not everyone likes Mac OS X, yet want a simple all in one PC (personal computer) that looks good. So if they want Windows they to get a Dell tower, no thanks. My wife doesn't care for the OS X interface on her nearly 4 year old iMac and I happen to like my MBP 13". The simple solution is to find something similar to the iMac that runs windows, or I have to buy the most over loaded iMac I can get so I can run Parallels and Windows which is a hog on...
I don't use iTunes Match so they stream censored songs, really WTF. Its your media, your device and your data plan yet Apple is telling you what you can and cannot listen to. I wonder if Amazon does that . . .
Next we will see tire companies suing for copying the look of a tire. While I can say sure it has similarities so what. People who buy a MAC do so for the OS X benefits (like I did) and Vizio unveiled what could be seen as copying Apple's products http://www.vizio.com/computing/ but no one complained here. So if HP has chosen to put the guts on the bottom, the display on top that is different than Apple which puts the guts and display on the top. The one thing I have...
Great features and updates. I like that we can save our txt files to iCloud, it would be even nicer if the txt editor app became a notes app so you could sync with the cloud and your iDevices. Currently I can't access them unless I have my MBP with me.
I find it comical how Audience Technology's stock took a hit because Apple failed to make use of the IP they are licensing from them since earlier this year.  Apple's stock should take the hit for failing to add a feature to their product that has been thus far already outed by the tech community.  Unless Tim is going to unveil an iPhone we have never seen then his doubling down on secrecy is looking really bad.
Sounds like sour grapes from Apple to me, given the fact that they have to use FRAND technology to get their wireless tech.  Of course Apple doesn't like paying for patents they need so ignore it, let them sue you and let a jury that doesn't have a clue settle it in your favor.   As for it not going anywhere, if its a legit complaint then it will, if not it won't.
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