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Once again Apple is copying another companies products.  Did Microsoft unveil a dual screen tablet not too long ago?  Sure this is a cover, but it still follows the same concept of two screens to use in concert and transfer data between screens.  That is what MS product did.  Just saying Apple takes inspiration and doesn't get sued, but others take inspiration from Apple and they get sued.
Spoiler alerts on Suits, I'm a few episodes behind so I had to skip those posts.     Re: the current case, well Judge Koh is certainly doing her best to allow both sides to have an automatic appeal, though I do see more opportunity for Samsung (if they were to lose).  By not allowing the F700 and other pre-iPhone 2006 design ideas into evidence but allowing Apple to make use of them is creating an unfair advantage for Apple.  It will certainly be grounds for...
The issue with tax breaks for any company especially Apple has more to do with their clear avoidance in paying corporate income tax and holding their cash assets offshore, using the Double Irish Dutch maneuver and routing their taxes through a NV subsidiary to avoid paying CA taxes.  So yeah I have an issue with Apple getting $89 million tax break when they should not even need it to begin with.  But please que the Apple apologists anyways.
Actually it has already been shown that a lot of companies were going in that direction before the iPhone arrived.  Say what you will but design is not the biggest impact the iPhone had. Exclusivity was one (Verizon should have wised up, they could have added millions upon millions of additional subscribers), iPhone also changed how software updates were done, approved and delivered.  App store, not so much since Jobs didn't want an App Store until users complained about...
So where does the money go from all of these generous fines anyways?  Someone's slush fund, thin air?  Just curious.  I also have to ask $22.5 million when Verizon gets fined $1.25 million for intentionally blocking 3rd party apps and restricting access to apps and removing 3rd party apps (by demand) when it stated in the C Block 700Mhz spectrum auction that they couldn't.  Seems to me the fine should have been much higher for both.  Of course iOS needs more security...
How about the fact that this adapter doesn't cost anywhere near $29 to make, they don't market it on TV and there is no reason to charge that much other than standard Apple high margins.  I can't wait to see what its going to cost me to get a 30 pin to 19 pin adapter so I can use my iPod and iPhone in my car when the next one arrives, of course that too will likely cost $29.
Not just look but also how the user interfaces and inputs data.  With the push towards touch enable devices being the consumer demand it was clear that (phones being rectangular) with flat surfaces and larger displays unless your Apple and you think 3.5" is still acceptable in the world of 4.5"+
Once again Apple's legal team takes shortcuts and alters things to suit their needs.  First off we all know that product designs can take 18-24 months from creation to launch and the I700 (silver phone lower right corner pre-iPhone) was a 2003 launch so saying it was a 2005 phone is way off.  They of course are selectively showing Samsung Windows Phones at the time which Android did not exist and thus their focus was dictated based on technology trends at the time....
If the yield rates are an issue it would be something that would be overcome in time, the question we ask next is how constrained will the next iPhone be at launch, will it impact international launches while the US gets it first (kind of nice getting the new toy at launch unlike the other phone makers).
Shouldn't it be a generally accepted idea that given the dependence on touchscreen devices that have no physical keyboards users will have difficulty being 100% accurate with the keyboard and therefore some level of predictive text input would be necessary?  To me it seems obvious that over time as the products have evolved for 10+ years of touch screen only devices that this would need to occur.
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