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So they are way behind Verizon on LTE rollout yet claim they have more 4G coverage than Verizon by claiming HSPA+ is 4G when in fact neither of them is what the real 4G spec was.  AT&T so late, so behind and such a crappy network . . . yet people won't move off of them.  Go figure.
If Apple can deliver an alternative solution that drives business to provide mobile payment solutions via the Passport Wallet they are putting out in iOS6 then so be it.  NFC in the US is over hyped and has not gained real traction.  There are too many competing standards and everyone wants a cut from it. Something that would be consistent across all platforms and retailers is whats needed but US carriers and financial institutions won't play nice.
Finally a company gets it.  I wear dual hearing aids and my hearing loss is in the higher frequencies and its no joy dealing with noisy situations or when I use my phone.  Hearing aids cost a lot of money, about $2500-3k and I don't always want to dig out my BT headset to get a call so I can hear the end user better.  
Another day, another stupid analyst survey.  The carriers have done a great job of mucking up with 4G, let alone the difference between 4G LTE vs 4G (HSDPA/HSUPA) and that neither was the spec for 4G anyways.  So its not surprising customers don't think they need it.  If you are on CDMA then yes you really do want LTE, but you don't want the new data plans that are no where near as consumer friendly as they were on 3G (unlimited) data.  Those days are long gone.   In...
Apple's typical strong arm policy is in fact ripping off consumers, prior to Apple and the publisher's collusion to set up the agency model e-book resellers were free to offer the books at whatever price they wanted just like brick and mortar stores.  If they chose to sell a book below cover price to get business then that's their choice since they are paying the publisher the agreed upon price.  Since Apple wants control of yet another market they (like they have with...
So now Apple owns the right to make all things thin, curved and flat.  What a joke!!!!  Based on the biased comments here no other company can ever make a device with those elements.
I don't see how they violated their NDA, they didn't show off anything that Apple hasn't and their are promoting an app ecosystem to which Passport can work with.  I personally don't bother with Groupon or Living Social ads, they just don't offer anything I want.  iOptimal's idea though would be of interest to me as a consumer, walking in the mall, out in town looking to get  a bite to eat.  What about people who are new in town or on vacation this is a great marketing...
  While I would like to agree with you I have to point out one glaring issue.  Most of the phones listed above are 4G LTE phones so they will drain the battery far quicker, if they were on 3G only then the battery tests would be different.  Having owned a fair number of those phones I can say the iPhone 4 and 4S did not get that kind of battery life for me on 3G with good signal (Verizon).
  I would like to see a software based SIM standard be adopted, this would truly make the iPhone unique and allow customers to take a world phone from say Verizon and put it on Sprint, or a Sprint iPhone to Vodafone via a software update at the Apple store.  Of course the carriers will never allow such a standard or software flash to make the phones work on any carrier.  Still its nice to dream and maybe someday we will see it.
  I would expect no less from Apple when it comes to 2nd Gen LTE chipset and 28nm fabs but its still a larger battery draw and the iPhone 4S sucked more power than the iPhone 4 based on added features.  I would be happy with the same thickness if they put in a larger battery or if they can fit a larger battery with a thinner design then I am even more happy.  Apple has excellent designs, but they do sacrifice the customers expectations since they put more emphasis on design.
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