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  While I would like to agree with you I have to point out one glaring issue.  Most of the phones listed above are 4G LTE phones so they will drain the battery far quicker, if they were on 3G only then the battery tests would be different.  Having owned a fair number of those phones I can say the iPhone 4 and 4S did not get that kind of battery life for me on 3G with good signal (Verizon).
  I would like to see a software based SIM standard be adopted, this would truly make the iPhone unique and allow customers to take a world phone from say Verizon and put it on Sprint, or a Sprint iPhone to Vodafone via a software update at the Apple store.  Of course the carriers will never allow such a standard or software flash to make the phones work on any carrier.  Still its nice to dream and maybe someday we will see it.
  I would expect no less from Apple when it comes to 2nd Gen LTE chipset and 28nm fabs but its still a larger battery draw and the iPhone 4S sucked more power than the iPhone 4 based on added features.  I would be happy with the same thickness if they put in a larger battery or if they can fit a larger battery with a thinner design then I am even more happy.  Apple has excellent designs, but they do sacrifice the customers expectations since they put more emphasis on design.
Sure I would be interested, but for that to happen Apple would need to roll existing Apple TV technology into it, recognize that TV's are expected to be in the household for 10 years and not be replaced every 3 years which is what Apple expects for the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers.  The TV would have to be large enough 46-55" in size 1080p HD and of course be price competitive.  Otherwise why bother getting a new TV if it costs $2-3k is only 40" and doesn't offer...
I hope they do get better battery life out of it, at least some kind of a bitter battery in there with LTE it will be an issue.
So Apple did in fact doctor the image to make the Galaxy Tab appear to be the same size, used the device in a vertical position when the tab's focus is horizontal.  The point is Apple did in fact do the same thing regardless of what they were claiming in that case they are just as guilty.
I did an in place upgrade as well but I may end up doing a full wipe and install later on to see if it does anything.
I am curious if the contracts with Samsung don't have a minimum quantity to be ordered on them.  If not that seems odd since Apple is simply attacking a supplier's who is a subsidiary of another company they are suing.  Yes I get it Apple is suing Samsung so why shouldn't they, other than breaching terms of a contract, which no one here has read I'm sure.  I am just speculating.
Apple has stated on the record that they do not use market research, which has now been proven to be untrue (a lie).  They do use market research and now it has been brought out and will be used against them.    Pretty simple, Apple seems to low ball their projections and then crush the street with their overly glowing numbers.  If this were to show that in fact they are manipulating their companies value it could be embarrassing for them and a potential point of...
The question has to be asked, how did Samsung take sales away from Apple?  Clearly their tablet sales didn't impact Apple, their iPhone sales weren't affected since they continue to grow and grow year over year.  People who buy a Samsung Android phone do so because that is what they want, they didn't go in and say wow that Samsung phone is running iOS since everyone knows if it doesn't have an Apple logo it's not Apple.
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