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Good news, this means the customers win, now google and Microsoft need to get locked into a room. I want to take Microsoft, facebook, google, and Apple lock them into a room together and don't let them out until facebook messenger, hangouts, skype, and imessage communicate with each other.
"Part of the evidence was this video shot by Kara Swisher of Steve Jobs speaking with Walt Mossberg in the hands-on press area after the introduction of the original iPad in 2010. Mossberg asks Jobs why someone would buy a book for $14.99 from the iBookstore when they could buy the same book from Amazon for $9.99. Jobs: Well, that won’t be the case. Mossberg: Meaning you won’t be $14.99, or they won’t be $9.99? Jobs (smiling): The prices will be the...
Essentially, NetApplications tries to count actual users, while Statcounter tries to count actual usage.
Apple is GUILTY. To bring amazon into this does nothing. If Apple and the publishers had issues with amazon and its low prices the right thing that could've been done is to contact the DOJ, not turn into a low class cartel. Apple wanted to get into the book market and take share from amazon, they didnt care if their consumers had to pay more or what the right price was, so they got together and planned to raise price of ebooks. Apple can't compete with amazon in the...
The hatred for google on this site is amazing, it brings me such joy to see so many crazies get but hurt over a public company. There is no difference between apple and google. Both are in it to make money, both have admirable and discouraging qualities. I love my ipad and my apple tv and I love my android phone and google services. Google makes the best software/service package in the known universe. The sooner you accept that the better your life will be.
You call that integration bwahahaha. sending directions to your phone manually is 2010 and it was called chrome to phone.How google maps does it.I search for a new place on google maps or google search, seconds later its in google now with directions. Bike, walking, driving, public transportation, no need to think about it. Also if I open the maps app it remembers the search I did.
Well Apple ads will be great unlike those annoying google ads. Apple will do ads right, and will track us apple users the right way. Sure iads will be no different from google ads, but its apple so it will be done elegantly with more apple unicorn magic. I expect every apple user who has cried tears of horror over google's evil ways on this site to call out apple for their disrespect and invasion of the users privacy if this horrible vicious plan to enslave us all like...
i love chrome, this will be very useful instead of opening a new tab to get to web apps or chrome package apps.
__________Already had my home and school (which is also where I work) address listed on my google maps web app.
_________Google music is better than ituneschrome has better syncing than safariandroid does not have fine my phone or imessageapple also doesnt have something like google now, or automatic app updates.He was lying or was high.
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