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Tim Cook acted like a ceo should, Apple made a mistake, they admitted it, they are trying to fix the problem, it will get better, it will take time. Lets all move on, google maps will be a app in the app store soon. Competition=Cunsumer wins.    So whats the next drama in the tech world? Weve had: google policy change is killing babies Twitter is killing free speech  Microsfot is dead Apple maps is worst than satan   Any guesses?
Wait so google wanted something in return for providing Apple with more data? Apple turned them down, well their demands must of been outlandish, right? So what did google want? -For the app to be called google maps and for the inclusion of Latitude, and location check in service. What else?  -According to reports nothing else. Did they ask to build the app themselves, and have complete control over it? -No apple would still make the app, and improve it...
Such lies. Then there is the non-linear fragmentation which does force legitimate developers to make multiple versions for no other reason that supporting multiple devices.   The vast majority of android apps +95% work form android 2.1 to the current version no problem, and adjust for screen size, hardware. Android App compatibility is amazing.    Google play store has many many quality apps App store still has a the edge but android apps are catching up in both quality...
So not only did Apple put out an inferior product but they did so in a way that would force their customers to go without the best mobile mapping solution on the planet.    Steps Apple could have taken.   1. Tell google ahead of time. Have Apple maps preloaded on the iphone, but work with google to have maps app ready to go in the app store, just so their customers that value google maps, in locations where apple maps are unusable had an option.   2. Put...
Me, chrome is my browser of choice, on my ipad and macbook. Its the only browser that brings together my galaxy nexus, nexus 7, ipad 3 (new ipad I hate that name), macbook, samsung series 9. If only Apple would let me set it as default. Thats the only reason I didnt get an iphone 5. Until ios lets me choice my default apps, its lagging behind. But the ipad has no competition, and I love it, so so so so much. 
What some people don't understand is that no one cares that this is Apple's first try at mapping, all they care about is that this version sucks compared to the previous version.    Maps got a downgrade from ios 5 to ios 6. The data got worst and Maps are all about data. 
no one said it had to be perfect no map can be perfect. But we are not talking about perfection here, we are talking about putting towns in the wrong spot and missing half of cities and being unusable in many parts outside the U.S. Apple screwed up, it was rushed, just admit it. 
Seems like google did a pretty good job, improving on Siri capabilities in different ways with Google now.  Apple Maps should of either been as Good as the old Google maps or better. And they sad thing is they didnt even have to compete with the real google maps just the meh version Apple built with the Google Maps API. If Apple fans are complaning over ios 5 google maps, I wonder what it would be like if they had android google maps, which is the best mobile app ever...
What a bunch of bull. What did you have on your 3g before google Maps? ios 6 maps would be a God send if Google maps and Nokia maps dindt exist on Mobile. But they do. The point is not that ios 6 maps suck, because they don't, they just suck compared to the competition, not only that the previous version use to be the competition. 
until they are close to the competition. Usable outside the U.S. Not missing half of major cities ect..
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