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1. If it meant the death of android, I think google would 2. Google can play that game "They are trying to kill us, telling us we can't make phones, self defense, we just want to exist in peace, and they wont talk to us" type of rhetoric. Apple has a higher market cap, but as far as brand power, and popularity google is on par. This will be Moto and Google(USA) vs. Apple(USA), not samsung 3. This is what i think will happen. I would prefer the patent office to get its act...
Yes they are and not the ITC has not. Why not? If apple can get an injuction for universal search on a mobile device anything can happen. 
I mean what ip does google want form Apple. You should take a look a jelly bean. Pinch to zoom, tap to zoom, slide to unlock, universal search all have been changed in a way that avoids apple patents. Google does not do anything with android until going over apple patents since ics.    I know some of you don't know this but samsung does not equal android that google created. Samsung android and google android vastly different. Samsung is lazy.
Whats ip does apple own that google wants? 
What a joke of an article. Street view is better for real world use and its not close.    And street view is no longer street view, its restaurant view, its shopping mall view, its museum view, college campus view, government building view, national park view, art gallery view.    Not to mention google's transit (bus, ferry, tain), walking, bike.   Apple is releasing a inferior service with ios6.    street view with the addition of compass mode makes fly...
I use chrome, I have a galaxy nexus and a nexus 7, I love google drive/docs, calender, gmail, maps, earth. Google makes amazing products, and I love using them on my ipad or macbook. They have different business models. I have no problem about google serving me relevant adds in order to fund the free products I use.    Im a google and Apple lover, depending on how windows 8 is i might soon be a microsoft lover too. I don't like fanboys and I don't worship at the alter of...
This a good step, Google is one of my favorite companies along with Apple. No matter how nasty things get I don't want FRAND patents being used. It would be great if Apple and Google would get together and take FRAND patents off the table completely.    Yes ridiculous pinch to zoom and overly broad patents like slide to unlock are still a pain in the bottom, but taking FRAND off the table is an important first step. 
Moto and Apple have been suing each other since 2010. way before Google had thoughts of buying them
Motorola makes about 27 phones a year, millions of cable boxes ect..  If Moto is a paten troll so is apple. 
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