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Just kiss and make up already.    I blame the Patent office. Everyone working there should be fired. If they did their jobs right none of this would be happening.    A patent from the Patent office means nothing.    New patent office= Court system.   Thats the only way to validate or invalidate a patent these days. 
The only thing close to chat is gmail/gtalk. You can't seperate the two. 
Facetime being tied to Apple hardware makes it a non starter. Apple is not even in this discussion unless they open up facetime.  Google talk/hangouts (whatever they call it now), and Skype although are islands, they are Islands with multiple bridges that allow you access.  Facetime is even a non starter for most of Apple products. I bet skype usage Kills facetime usage on Apple products.    When your competitors are on every connected internet device and with a...
  Man you fanboys are thick. Apple did not invent the a rectangular object with a piece of glass. As the picture just showed inside samsung before the iphone, they were thinking of your basic picture frame design.    Apple is wasting its time on this rectangle nonsense.    They need to go after touchwiz, that is wear samsung had no shame. 
The only thing samsung borrowed from Apple was touchwiz and they should be punished for that.    The funny thing is that if samsung stuck to android how google built and designed it they wouldn't be in trouble design wise.  Their products would still be banned for "amazing" patents like universal search and an evolved form of hyperlink tapping though.
Galaxy nexus was banned because of Apple's patent of universal search. I know right, Apple has a patent on universal search. I want to smack the idiot in the patent office that decided that was a good idea. Hopefully the patent office is seen as a joke and the validity of a patent is not challenged until someone gets sued over it. Another problem with our patent office. This is not just about Apple samsung has some horrible patents on smile faces the list goes on. 
Yes innovation and protecting squares.   Im all for Apple suing the hell out of samsung for touchwiz 1-3 because that was a direct ripoff of ios design standard. But the fact that in this trial the argeument for different variation of squares is coming up is ridiculous. I hope the judge follows the UK and throws out the rectangle problem Apple seems to have with other companies.    As far as touchwiz to ios goes, Apple deserves payment for samsung ripping them off. Its...
And all the fandroids and itards will line up behind "their" respected multi-billion company (like their way of life is being challenged and the result of this trial will create a life changing moment), spewing nonsense not realizing this does not help anyone but the lawyers and is a waste of money. 
The fact this came to trial is just ridiculous. Its beyond stupid. So a month of discussing different versions of squares and corners and FRAND 3G patents.   What happens after this trial.    NOTHING.   Apple will sell a bunch of Iphone 5 (iphones) Samsung will sell a Bunch of SGS III (galaxy phones)   If these companies were not so petty. This money that is being wasted could of been used for I dont know, innovation. 
I love competition but this is the wrong kind of competition. That money could be used to you know innovate. This patent scrap is a mess. We need new patent laws that are clear and accurate and make since for the year 2012 not the 1800s
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