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what do you define as usable? 
"It is unlikely that the technology will be used in a commercial application any time soon if at all, however the filing signals Apple's intent to remain a tech industry innovator."   You mean Apple knows how to use a pencil and paper to draw a picture? Just like some of the ideas that Google has put forth to the patent office for wearable glasses these are a joke. But they will get granted because patent office is desperate for money. 
I want Apple to sue Google, because that is the only way this horrible mess will get settled. Fix the non existing software problems in our system or have Apple and google duke it out until they both get tired of wasting money.    These things will always end in cross licencing deals. But Apple and Google have so much money and Apple is so dependent on Mobile revenue I can see this going longer than usual unless the system get hammered out.    Software patents...
Looks like samsung is going to be on the losing end. They deserve to get punished for the physical Design and crapwiz (as those of us who use pure android call it) of the SGS. Deserve to get punish on the crapwiz on the SGSII.    Google even told those idiots that they are copying Apple to cut it out, but no they did not listen.    While I don't agree with many of the software patents Apple has been granted, there is no doubt in my mind Crapwiz on the 1.0 to 3.0...
What does Apple price fixing have to do with an Amazon monopoly?   Apple price fixed, and should be punish it doesnt matter it amazon had 99.999% of the market. 
A universal search patent that should of never been granted.    How I would fix, the software patent issue.    1. Patent office needs better funding so they don't have to depend of the filing of patents to keep them functioning. How it works now is all you need is a piece of paper a thought and some money and the patent office will grant you a patent.   2. Software patents needs to fall under a different catogory  from other patents. Currently that is not the...
Apple sold 35-40M iphones not iphone 4s. That means Iphone 3s and 4 that you can get for free or $99 in many places with a contract. Samsung GSIII only on sale for about half the q. and had not even come out for the 5 US carriers. This SGSIII is a beast.   Oh the vast majority of US phones sold in the U.S are high end. SGSII, Moto razr, and HTC sensation variants hold about 70% of the android market in the U.S. Try again .
    By the carriers not actual people. This phone is a great phone and is selling a lot and will sell even more. People enjoy SGS III what does that have to do with you liking your iphone?
my apologies, english is my 4th. And auto correct can sometimes throw me off. English is a hard, when it comes to spelling and grammar it gets even harder. 
instigating logical thinking seems like a crime here. I know the Apple Kool aid taste good, Ive been drinking it for 7 years and its the best Kool aid around, but google and samsung have really good tasting Kool aid as well. In no way im I dissing Apple, they have their faults like every body else. Im just saying there are others that make good products. Just a mention of Google and the few of you that are fanboys lose it like a dog in heat. Calm down.  
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