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Lets clear this up.   Google provides a service    In return google gathers data on you in order to: 1. Make money which leads to keeping that service running, improving that service and making a profit for their stock holders (Apple does the same thing with iads just on a much smaller smaller scale)   Google never sells your data to anyone. Goolge finds out information about you when you use their services. Advertisers go to google and say hey I need this advertisement...
It can, google voice search did those things back in 2009. Its just vastly improved. Siri does understand contextual speech better (more ways to ask siri questions, but google now is not far off). Everything else google now wins flat out. Google now does a better job as getting the information and displaying it and cutting out extra steps siri puts in just to be cute, oh forget about voice dictation google now destroys siri, google now picks up word for word what you say...
It can, back in 2009 google voice search did those things.
I love apple as much as the next person, but as a lover of technology. Goole now makes siri look like a joke. I hope Apple comes out improves siri to make it as functional as Google now. 
only better. It's better than siri and more functional. 
I just tried this on my brothers galaxy nexus and siri looks lame now. I mean wow google.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDsOtdRtG0Q&feature=plcp
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