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  Chrome and chrome os. Changed browsing forever. 
according to that article nothing is open sourced. the highest is 83% so nothing is fully open sourced. So according to that article android is open, just not as open as you liked it to be. 
      Iphone and google search are comparable. Yes there was yahoo, and altavista, but google built the complete consumer package. Yes there was Windows mobile and Nokia but Apple built the complete consumer package. 
and the iphone wasn't an iteration.    browser  touch screen  apps notifications   apple wasn't near to first to have any of them 
The article you gave me talks about how google wont release how is builds android, not android itself. and it was a very poor article, it didnt state what android microsoft was asking for. Because off course google wont give them the android that has google apps included. The article was confusing.     more information needed. 
  I need an apple account to use anything apple. At least I can use most of google services without having google force me to join anything. Can you even use apple maps without being forced to sign up for apple account, can you use anything apple without an account?
so your saying google doesnt release how they build android, they just release the android they build? Because anyone can add code to asop, sony does all the time. 
  http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2012/10/ff-inside-google-data-center/   http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2012/08/google-as-xerox-parc/?rm
wrong. Google makes all the code public, except for their apps and the google play store. the only difference between the android that samsung gets and the one on the ASOP website are google apps.    How can you tell me android is not open with Amazon Kindle fire android products.    There is Android the open source project. then there is the android handset alliance.   two different things.    Android alliance gets access to google apps and google play store. That is the...
do you understand the difference between google apps and android. Android is fully open, google apps are not. Anyone can take the android coke and do as they wish.    http://source.android.com/    there is the website.  Android is open source and there is no proof that it is not what you read was about the Open android Alliance and google apps and the play store which has nothing to do with ASOP. 
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