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Lies android is fully open source, what is not open source are google apps (gmail, maps, youtube) and the google play store.    ANDROID IS FULLY OPEN. I should know, I have flash many android phones with ASOP. stop spreading lies. 
then don't use google. I actually like selective, relevant ads in exchange for a free service. 
or something like you know "google now"
like what?
Funny google gives a lot back to webkit, yes chrome does give back, chrome/chromium is open source they give back to webkit. Android is fully open source, if you want you can go download android right now and build your own version of it, proof, amazon kindle fire. 
what does that have to do with selling information.    Again genius if google sells your information they go bankrupt.    Google holds on to your information and the advertisers come to them, they give it to advertisers, and they don't come back to google.    How google works is that comapny "x" comes to google and says we need to advertise to "B' region and demographic and google says okay, and does it for them, your info stays with google. 
  lol, did you read the decision, the nexus for the most part got off. Google is not responsible for that horrible samsung skin.    Yes they play a huge part in the creation of the modern web, im guessing you didnt read the articles, and the great thing about google, they opened sourced many of those innovations, they made on the server side. 
Google does not sell your information to advertisers that would be stupid and destroy their advertising business. It just sounds like you hate google.    {EDIT: Restored because it destroys all of his other arguments everywhere else in the thread. —Tallest Skil}
  "Google now"    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXtudZl5mzM   http://www.google.com/landing/now/   http://www.popsci.com/bown/2012/product/google-now
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