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You don't get the point.Patent office is under funded.Patents come in at a rapid pacenot everyone that examines say a software related patent has a background in software related patents.The problem remains that, a lot of patents that get granted by the USTPO are trash and should not be granted, but due to they way the filling system functions, lack of resources and time, crap patents get put through. This is not just Apple patents but many patents of other companies.Now...
Because the patent office is ridiculous.Do you know someone holds a patent on toast?A majority of patents that come up in lawsuits get invalidated due to prior art or not passing the threshold of a patent test.Why do you think most patent cases get settled? Because there is as much if not more of a chance a patent gets invalidated or decided not to infringe.A Patent by the patent office means NOTHING!!! When ever a patent gets granted I always yawn, the true test of patent...
Apple insider is wrong. 4.2 will still be Jellybean, android 5.0 will be Keylime pie and wont arrive until google io of next year. Stop lying. 
So funny.    But its not.    Funny that is.    You should try the HTC one x. Nevermind its cheap and useless compared to the iphone. 
one thing I like about ios notifications is the lock screen. With Jelly bean I just fell android has moved that much further along with not action being able to be taken in the notification shade. 
Stealing is what makes the etch industry. Steve Jobs had a famous quote about stealing and copying.    Stealing is the sense, company A sees company B do something. Company A goes. "wow that is great" okay lets built off that idea and make it our own.      He used my quote to show me, my grammar was incorrect, which it is sometimes, im improving. 
another one of your useless post that make no point or add anything of value. Yes samsung makes many low end android phones that are 4 inches and less each year, but again facts dont let them get in your way.    Android phones also lose their value faster than the iphone due to android having so many flagship android phones. One is released every 2-3 months.    Look I made a point. try it. 
samsung releases 4 inch phones every year this has nothing to do with apple. 
Well there is this thing called context. And some things need to be expanded on, because the reader was too dumb to understand.    I kid, I kid.    I felt the need to explain myself more so you could better understand where I'm coming from. Maybe I could snap you back from appleland to reality. I failed you. Im sorry :(
  One thing that is just useless on is when im in the middle of something ios notifications still feel the need to interupt me by showing up on that little section on the top on the screen. Yes its not popping up on the middle of the screen like it used to, but its still vastly inferior to the way android does it. A lil icon pops up at the top of the screen. and stays there. I don't have to pull down the shade to know I have a notification on android.
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