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I was expanding on the statements I made, you got some wrong, and some right. I explained the views on patents more ect.
I welcome the better screen quality, the beast quad core S4, 2gb of ram, better cam. We will see. My dream phone is an htc one x running pure jelly. Or an Iphone 5 with a 4.3 inch screen running 4.1. I would do things to that phone. 
Well those are the high end phones that samsung and HTC have put out. Its always going to be like this since the releases are months apart. 
  1. No such things as software patents just patents. That is the problem I have with them. They are treated just like any other patents and they should not. Cost to build and time is too low to be considered in the same range as other patents. I hope we finally do get software patents with its own rules. ie no 20 year protection.    2. Difference between differing opinions and blind devotion.   3. Yes ios apps a much sexier. Cnn app on android is as functional on android...
Go to HTC website or do a google search for HTC one x unlock price.    Do the same for samsung GSIII on samsung website or google search   The do it for the iphone 5.    Use this little thing called math, and just like magic you will see Apple sells its phones at a higher price.    Facts and math are wonderful. 
that was the samsung galaxy tab 10.1
Except that they are, but don't let facts and numbers get in your way. 
I understand my statements clearly, you on the other hand, have said nothing of value. 
Go ahead, not once did I say android created the notification shade. The just improved on it and made it their own.    Well not in Apple land. Slide to unlock to Apple means no one else is allowed to touch their      Not allowed.   screen to unlock a phone. 
sorry english is my 3rd language, like I said Apple sell their phones at a higher cost than high end andriod oems, that is why their profits are so high.    Its basic math.    Say apple makes the iphone for $200 and sells it for $600 to the telecoms. They make $400 profit.  Now samsung makes its phone for $200 and sell it for $500 to the telecoms. they make $300 profit.   Apple can sell its device for a higher price because it has higher demand.   understand?   And Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: