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They should of done a better job copying the key features of android notification, I would love android like notifications on my ios devices, android didnt invent the notification shade, they just took it to a different level. Apple's notification shade is so crappy it reminds me of samsungs crappy touchwiz skin when it tried to copy ios. Steal the right way, meaning improve the system, make it your own, or don't steal at all. Apple did a poor job. 
given that they do, all you need to do is look up Apple's profit margin on the iphone to realize the sell their devices at a higher price to the telecoms than high android phones. Use the internet, its your friend.   Nexus devices are not money makers, they are basically the standard all android phones get built on. Samsung makes its money off of its flagships, SGS, II, III. And nexus get built by different oems. This year its LG. 
  Apple stole that wrong, i wish they did a better job copying it. Android apps can connect to android notification system in ways ios apps dream of. 
Galaxy nexus is at the end of its life line, Nexus 4 will replace it soon. It barely sold anyways. 
 Its the galaxy S III mini   How did it copy Apple?   Why anyone would buy a low end phone like the S III mini over the iphone 5 is beyond me?
you said apple sells phones at a higher cost. Great for apple, I don't own stock, as a customer why does that matter to me? What you said had no point. At least I gave a reason on why Apple sells phones at a higher cost than high end android phones. 
  I hope windows phones lets me decide my default apps, im sorry apple but i prefer evernote to your crappy notes app. Just stuff like that annoys me, notifications on ios so bad compared to android.    2 things in looking to with wp8. They do a great job at integrating apps into hubs, so what would take 2-3 apps to do it does in one centralize app. the U.I looks interesting. But I heard the multitasking on wp8 is still as bad as wp7. 
so was the GSII cheap and horrible as well?
I don't buy products from telecoms, got my gnex unlocked from google. Apple has the highest profit margin in the industry. But if you go by parts and manufacturing cost, sites like ifix it have made it clear that high end android phones like SGSIII and the HTC one x cost about the same as the iphone.    Apple has the ability to sell their products at a higher cost and rightly so, the demand is higher. But high end android cost cost just as much, they just can't sell them...
I love google now, google products, mail, calender, maps, voice, talk. multitasking is way better, notifications is way better, I get to pick my default apps (Biggest gripe with ios), basically I make my phone what I want it to be. ios has the quality apps lead, Apps look better on ios, but android has the same apps just not good looking. But I tried to use an iphone for 2 months, and while there are many things I love about it, I cant give up what android offers for...
New Posts  All Forums: