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You are clearly delusional when it comes to apple products. You would sacrifice animals to steve jobs, if that was asked of you. I love Apple products, I own an ipad 3 and a macbook, but I know good products when I see them. Galaxy nexus is a dam good product, there are many non apple good products out there. Just not for you. 
Its sad to see people cheer the demise of a great product based on a patent granted in 1995 that explains basic mapping technology.   "Down to google maps, because I love Apple"
Your opinion, I find the software to be much more advance than ios 6, love the on screen buttons, its large but not too large, curved screen is awesome. Its not cheap. Every android phone is cheap in your eyes. If its not an iphone, its cheap in your mind. 
Good thing the Galaxy Nexus is a high quality product. 
Great should not have been banned to begin with. I love my Galaxy Nexus!!!   Im glad google has figured out a way to get pass, slide to unlock, pinch to zoom, and universal search on a mobile device, rubber banding on android.    I have no idea if double tap, and hyperlink whatever link system apple has "patented" has been worked through yet.    I hate software patents. 
we disagree on stealing. Android has not changed. Android the OS is still a computing system with Apps. Unless you believe Apple owns touch screens. What are the similarities between ios and android? And how are they any different from symbian and Windows phones that came before the iphone?
I told you why they did it ive been telling you. Without android, the Android open alliance turns into the Windows open Alliance. Turns into bing having 53% mobile search market share in the U.S and 60%+ world wide.   Turns into 500+ million mobile devices with bing, hotmail, bing maps, Microsoft market, microsoft music, books, magazines, music.   That is why google built android, to stop Microsoft. Think harder. 
Google had to build android because it it didnt someone else would, and that someone else would have a platform to distribute products that were not google products, and that platform would be gaining market share and turning google into an ios developer.
I wonder what Google's world would be like without android? Lets take a look.    Its October 4th 2012.   Microsoft has 500+ million WP mobile devices in use all over. Microsoft has 50% of the US mobile search market, and 60% of the worlds mobile search market.   Google paying $1 billion+ to have Apple set as the default search engine.   Microsoft is having people set up hotmail accounts like candy on their mobile device.   Gmail is in the app store, not the default email...
Google without Android= A much worst company.   Dependent on Apple's term, dwindling market share   Google without chrome= A much worst company.   Dependent on i.e, and Mozilla, dwindling market share. 
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