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     Sure, will check it out! Thanks man!
    Thanks for the immediate response. Yeah, I’m still looking for one. I just hope I’d find something, and if I do, hope too that they’re compatible. I’ll surely share if I found one. Thanks! 
Oh, by the way, any news on the 7 inch iPad? (mini iPad, iPad lite or whatever)      Oops, dunno if I had to post this on the iPad thread (sorry dear devs)
I found out that there’s such thing as a camera lens for an iPhone. I will definitely get one. My budget is around 60-80 bucks max. What camera lens could you suggest for an iPhone that’s compatible with an iPad?
Yep, timbit is right. If you're in the US passbook's ultimately helpful, yeah, but if you travel abroad, particularly in Southeast Asian countries, I don't think it'll be much of a help. It's way better if I could use this when traveling as the discount coupons are very big help especially on a tight-budget backpacker like me, haha!
I second to the above posts. I had quite a few touch-screen phones prior to having my iPhone and I believe iPhone has the most responsive touch screen of all. Better than my capacitive phones before, I should say! 
You know what, try discussing your needs with AT&T first. Being a current subscriber, telling them that you're looking for better deals with other carriers may be your leverage on getting a way better package with AT&T. I think they'll do everything not to let you go, haha! Try to negotiate with the sales rep you're gonna talk to. I believe the more years you stay with a certain carrier means more chances of getting free phones/devices with your plan in the future. If...
      Got my iPhone a couple of months and I don’t know if I have to get it jailbroken or not. I am quite happy with my iPhone 4s’ current state (haha) but I’m just curious on getting it JBd. What’s the use? It meets my gaming, music and communication needs but what’s the thing about jailbreaking? Several friends of mine had their iPhones JBd. Is it a way to maximize my device’s fullest potential? Or better not to? Thanks in advance!
   I will buy the New iPad next month. I got my iPhone from the Apple store and imma thinking twice on where to purchase the iPad. Is it still advisable to get it from the Apple store albeit the higher price? Is it ok to purchase them with a carrier? Or any store will do as the warranty is what’s most important? 
Hello everyone! Newbie in here. I’m a movie and gaming buff. Tired of being a guest for quite some time so I decided to join this great community! Excited to learn more about techie stuffs and to make new friends.  By the way, I’m not sure if there’s a place for introductions so I posted in here! :-D  If there is, dear mods, feel free to transfer my post there! Thanks and talk to you all soon here! 
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